Scarecrow Head Fall Decor Tutorial

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A friend of mine in Ridgecrest sent me a photo of a craft she wanted to make. With no instructions, we figured it out. Take a look at how we made this cute craft!

Craftcation Conference Fun ~ Day 5!


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Sunday was the last day of Craftcation! Sad day. I can't believe this crafty conference has come to an end for 2023. Nicole and Katie Mac were up on the stage with closing remarks.

Craftcation Conference Fun ~ Day 4!


My friend Barbara and I. She's so sweet and fun to talk to! We were in the Saturday morning class together about building an organic community. We were probably 2 of the youngest people in the room, lol. But it was mostly interesting overall. I feel again like I didn't learn a whole lot but it was nice to have a chill start to my morning. 

Craftcation Conference Fun ~ Day 3!


 My first class of the day was to attend this panel of ladies who spoke about brands and how to work with them. I got a few good tips but overall I was aware already of everything that was talked about. Still, it was pretty interesting to listen to overall. Here are some of my takeaways...

- Know what my aesthetic is, what is my core story

- Everyone has a brand, establish it early on

- Tag brands and use their hashtags. They are taking notes. Brand loyalty is important.

- When pitching, present with 3 tiers so brands have an idea of what you're thinking to do

- No doesn't mean forever, it just means no right now.

Craftcation Conference Fun ~ Day 2



I started the day with a Dye-Na-Flow class. 

I don't think I've ever taken a dyeing class at Craftcation and this year I picked 2 to do!

Rachael is someone I've met at Craftcation in the past and also while volunteering in the past. She's super cool and talented and I even bought a cute skirt from her that she was selling when I got to the hotel Tuesday night to help my friend get her luggage to her room.

Check out Rachael's website here

Craftcation Conference Fun ~ Day 1!

Like last year, my friend and I went to Disneyland before heading to Ventura. I'll recap that in a different blog post. Heading towards Ventura on Tuesday evening we got to enjoy a very pretty sunset. 

Kizik Shoe Design Contest

 This is a crafty post of sorts so that's why I am sharing it on this blog. One of my top favorite shoe companies - Kizik - ran a design contest recently and I entered my designs. While none of them made it to the voting round, it was really fun to try and I have more ideas for when they do this again in the future. Here are the designs I came up with... 

Had to do some teal and black. I used metallic teal pens to get this look

My top favorite I think...I'd so wear this.

This idea was floating around in my mind. I don't think I love the style of shoe I put it on but didn't want to print out another paper. Owl heads peeking up from the base of the shoe. Kinda fun!

I really loved this design, especially the bottom of the shoe. May I could do that design on the shoe next time. The colors also worked really well together for me.

One more chance with teal and black. This time, a brighter teal. I love when the base of the shoe is black vs. white because here in the desert with so much dirt, white just gets dirty wayy too quickly. 

So. Now that you saw my designs, you might be wondering what my obsession with Kizik shoes is?

They are a hands-free option for putting on your shoes. Jump in them, step into them, and off you go. Hands full? Don't even worry, all you have to do is step into your shoes and the heel doesn't crush. I've never had to adjust the shoes once I get them on my feet. They are super comfortable as well and they have a fun social media presence. I'm a big fan also because they are a Utah-based company and I've had a good experience with them so far. Plus! Free shipping always draws me in.

I currently have the Women's Athens pair and am working on selling many of my other pairs of shoes so I can swap them out with a few more pairs of Kiziks.

Here's their website if you are interested in checking them out...

and that link above should give you $20 off your order. 

Feel free to leave a comment on this post if you have any questions!