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Grandway Review: Luggage Tag!

The item I'm reviewing for Grandway this week is for their luggage tag. Omgoodness it is so freekin cute! Unboxing it made me wish I was flying somewhere so I could attach it to my luggage and show it off at the airport!

How cute is the box the tag comes in? Love it.

Here is the luggage tag that was in the box. I'm loving the design and bling

Each of the tags that you can buy on their website have something different to say. Mine says , "I <3 Baggage Handler's" . One on the website I saw that I really liked said "Nothing Worth Stealing." Haha!

Here's what the back side of the tag looked like

Slid my current business card inside to see how it would look

Here's a close-up of the bling 

On their website you can choose from this design (zebra), teal, pink, black, green or leopard.
Cost is $16 and you can check them out here

Ivory Homes- Win a Kitchen Aid!

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Let me know if you did the IG contest and how you liked it

eShakti Update

I got an update a few days ago in my email from eShakti. I dont know if anyone reading my blog has tried to use my discount code to purchase anything or not but just a head's up in case you tried to and my code didnt work. Looks like it is working now and will be valid until the 31st of March.

20% off with code REDCHERRES 
Happy shopping!

YW New Beginnings

Last Sunday we combined with the other ward to have YW New Beginnings, which is welcoming in the girls who are turning 12 this year into the Young Women program at church. Our ward had 1 new girl coming in (not til the fall I think) and the other ward had about 3 new girls joining their YW group.

Theme was owls and "Stand in Holy Places" so since I have a lot of owl stuff I volunteered to bring some of it to decorate the room.

Girls started showing up about 10 min to 7, eek! and we were not totally set up yet. The whole thing started right on 'Mormon standard time' though, about 7:15 :)

This is a picture of the owls before they were really finished. The Cricut machine cut these out in 2 parts. There was a back layer of a solid owl, then a top layer of the owl design. It was pretty easy to just glue these together. I used a gluestick and the cardstock stuck to each other very well.

I used my Cricut Mini machine to cut out the whoo that we scattered on the tables and also the owls that we hung in the "trees".

Some of the refreshments...drinks on one end of the table , there were cookies that were set out and the YW President, Andrea, made really yummy brownies. I got a small taste of one when they were almost gone.

The owl bags all put together with popcorn in them!
I used my Cricut machine to cut out the Owl Stand In Holy Places and they turned out really good I think! Fit on the bag perfectly and they were easy to make. I'm glad all that I made on the Cricut turned out so well.

What have you made with your Cricut lately?

Getting Crafty

My friend Holly set up to have a "Girls Night In" at her house so my friend Celeste and I went and we made vision boards. I'm not totally sure that they turned out to be vision boards exactly (things that inspire us, things we want to do, etc) because I put a lot of food on mine...a chicken burger, cinnamon raisin toast, pizza...random things like an outfit, a shoe, nailpolish, a pretty flower, owls of course! I did put Antelope Canyon there in the top left hand corner of a place I want to go. 

I liked that Celeste found good magazines with great words in them that totally describe her! I wish I had found more words but I worked with what I found and I think it is okay.

After we left Holly's house, I dropped Celeste off at her place, called Tony who was working on homework and headed over to the YW president's house to work on these owl bags for the YW New Beginnings on Sunday. There is a new girl in YW (well, leader not one of the yw girls) who got called to be secretary and her name is Kiersten. She is way fun and was there too and I did come a bit late but helped cut out a few of the eyes for the owls and paste hearts and the owl's head on the bags which were later filled with popcorn. I think they turned out pretty cute!