Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas!

In the past, I haven't cared too much about what I have worn for Valentine's Day. I do try to wear something pink or red but I don't scout out new clothes to wear. I'm not sure why this year I feel like I want to switch it up and buy a new shirt at least and who knows if I really will but here are some cute ideas if you are looking or interested like I am! Less than 2 weeks away so look fast! We all know I'm the last person who should be giving fashion advice but these tees were some of my favorites. Here I go, creating crafting outfit ideas!

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Source: eBay
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I got to review a couple samples from Crowdtap recently, of Aveeno products.

The daily moisturizing location was great because it did feel oily or greasy on my hands. The same for the sunscreen. I thought both had a great scent, not too strong, and the sunscreen did a good job of protecting my skin when I spent a few hours outside without any shade. I'd recommend both of these products - in a larger size!