Black Friday Deals with MojiLife!

 I think all of us who enjoy Black Friday shopping or Cyber Monday shopping for that matter, make a list. Either a mental list of items you want to get or a physical list. Digital or paper, it doesn't matter. I just got word that MojiLife is doing some Black Friday deals and I am super stoked to share these deals with you!

But first, if you have never heard of MojiLife or know what it is, it is a little air diffuser that is cordless, waxless, flameless and totally safe to have around kids and pets. You pop a scent inside and a little fan blows the scent which is on a wood ring, up and out into the air. My home smells wonderful and I don't have to worry about leaving it on when I leave the house. I dont have to worry about knocking in to it. It has a charging cord and you can let the diffuser run 24 hours a day, on an hour or off and hour OR, sync it to an app on your phone and schedule it to run when you want. I love that part the most!

There are a couple bundle deals:


A deal on the Black AirMoji (so tempting! I have a white one already...) 

 Then, new scents! I had no idea they'd release more new scents so soon after the winter ones were put out there.


The Autumn Elegance and Harvest Moon are 2 of my favorites!

Deal on cleaning supplies and 2 scents:

I have these samples and they are perfect to test out and see how well you like how they perform:

So there you have it! Get ready to shop on the 21st and be sure to let me know if you have any questions on any of the items I posted about.

Have a great day!