California Christmas Pinterest Party!

The Pinterest party I've been greatly anticipating for weeks (minus being focused on Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping) had arrived and it did not disappoint. Here are some pics of the before and during so take a look at what we made and ate!

Unicorn Ornament Making!

I've been seeing these cute unicorn ornaments on the various craft groups I am in on Facebook and thought they'd be fun to try making. My friend Wendy came over to help me set up for the Pinterest party and we sat down and started glittering these little ornaments I found at Michael's on Black Friday for half off. Love the size, small to work with but that also meant we were dealing with tiny clay horns, eyelashes and flowers.

Glittering was really fun, I have lots of colors (also from Michaels) and we put that on the inside of the ornaments first and shook it around to evenly coat everything.  That part was fun and fast.

Next we worked on the horns, I had gotten some Sculpey clay from Michael's and it was relaxing to squish the clay around and shape it to the size that looked best.

The tiny flowers I got at Michael's on Black Friday as well and they were perfect! I found the red and white hanger hooks at Michael's when we were in San Diego a couple weeks ago. 

The felt ears were the hardest to do and now that I think about it, I bet I could just cut them on my Cricut machine so I might play around with doing that.

Glass Block Crafting

I've hung on to these glass blocks since I lived in Utah and have been wanting to use them at a Pinterest party and the Christmas one coming up was the perfect opportunity. 

Christmas Decor Is Here!

Can you believe this year is almost over in a few more weeks? Eek! I hope you feel accomplished and like you had a fairly good year. I know I did! 2017 surpassed my expectations to say the least. 

Just wanted to share with you guys some fun decor to get your holiday spirit in gear!

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Target Black Friday Deals 2017

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I love shopping at Target and I'm excited about these Black Friday deals happening so soon now! Keep reading to find deals on furniture, rugs, video games, toys and more. 

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Thanksgiving Decor is Here!

I know Thanksgiving is creeping up on us but in case you don't have all your decor up yet, here are some cute ideas!

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