Fall & Halloween Pinterest Party ~ Utah!


Time for another Pinterest party! And this time I hosted one at my sister's house in West Jordan, Utah. I kept the same theme as I had for the recent party in Idaho because there are just too many good fall and Halloween crafts and foods to choose from. Keep reading to see what we ate and what we made. 

Fall & Halloween Pinterest Party ~ Idaho!


Compliments to Tony's niece for putting the letter board together for me

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I was very excited to be able to host another Pinterest party in Idaho - my second one this year! Tony's niece, JD, was so excited to let me come set up the party at her place. She was a great host! Keep reading to see what we made and what we ate!

Oh, and here is the Pinterest board we worked from for ideas and inspiration.

Favorite Things August Pinterest Party

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 Another brand-new theme for this month's Pinterest party! I may have done a similar themed party but it has been a number of years. Time for a refresh. Keep reading to see what we made and what we ate.

Christmas in July Pinterest Party


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Sooo, there has been quite a lot happening this summer. To start, the last Pinterest party that happened was in May.  I had planned to do one for June but had 2 camping trips, a hot air balloon event and an unexpected family funeral in Northern California. So that pushed out any plans I'd made for doing a party that month. Now - July - almost over! I was gone for the holiday, then went up to Utah and a day later drove to Northern California again for another week of girls camp. I badly wanted to do a Christmas in July theme since somehow I've never done that before! But with very limited time to plan, it just didn't turn out like I had hoped in some ways. Keep reading though to see what we made and what we ate....

Sweet Things Pinterest Party!


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It feels like quite a while since I last did a Pinterest party! Probably because this one wasn't until the end of May pretty much but that's the date that was voted on so here we are :) The theme for this party was Sweet Things. A BRAND NEW THEME. I've been so stoked for this party because I had been saving items for swag and decorating for quite a while in hopes of finding the perfect month to do this theme in. It was definitely not a party I wanted to do virtually. Keep reading to see what we made and what we ate!

First Ever Idaho Pinterest Party 2021!


Tony & I took a trip up to Idaho for a few weeks to help his mom out during the busier part of tax season. Since we were there for quite awhile, I thought about doing a Pinterest party since I had never done one there and I have wanted to expand the locations I do parties as much as is reasonable. I had a few people offer to let me use their homes which was super nice! I ended up doing this party at Tony's parents house this time. Keep reading to see what we made and what we ate!

PS ~ and maybe you are noticing that this party is happening in real life! YES! You are right. It did happen live and I am soo stoked about that. Virtual parties are okay but to be honest, I love doing in person so much more.

Garden Pinterest Party!


  This was the first Pinterest party for Utah for the year! Only two months in, not too shabby, eh? This month's theme was Garden Party! Which is a * brand-new* theme and one that I got pretty excited about.

We pulled ideas from the board above and I was able to deliver the craft kits to everyone while I was in Utah. The party happened from my she-shed here in CA a few days after I got home.

Keep reading to see what we made and what was eaten!