First Ever - Virtual Pinterest Party 2020


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While I was in Idaho for Thanksgiving, I made the decision to jump to doing Pinterest parties virtually starting in December instead of January due to covid. Parties are soo much more fun (imo) in real life but I didn't want to completely stop doing them (like unfortunately happened over the summer) so the only other option there is right now is to try and do them virtually. This proves tricky in a lot of ways and I was nervous to start up this way of doing things but it worked out pretty decent. Keep reading to see what we made and ate.

Artesprix Sublimation Markers

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I first learned about Artesprix pens I believe when I went to Creativation / CHA with my friend Marie. I was so intrigued by markers that could transfer to items like apparel, coasters, mugs and more.

Christmas / Disney Pinterest Party


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Thrilled to be able to do another in-person Pinterest party. I kept the group small again and the theme, as you can see, was Disney crafts and Christmas crafts.  We ended up with 2 Disney crafts, 1 Christmas and pretty much all Disney themed food. So funny. Keep reading to see what we made and what we ate!

Halloween / Fall Themed Pinterest Party!

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I am super excited to share a Pinterest party I was able to host this month - the first one since February! It's been a long break, one I was a little happy to have, I'll admit, but also very sad that it lasted this long. No more breaks! I am going to do Pinterest parties at least once a month again. Here in CA or Utah or maybe a new state! Keep reading to see what we ate and made at this party.

Our board for inspiration can be found here.

Staying Crafty with Resin!

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It's been a moment since I posted any updates here but I have been crafting - quite a lot lately!

Some of the fun crafts I've been trying / doing / perfecting are mainly with resin but I have also pulled out my wood burning kit, my microwave kiln, and my alcohol inks among other things. I also tried ice-dying for the first time with my sister in Utah and look forward to making more dyed items shortly.

I've missed posting Pinterest Parties here but I have a party happening again - in person! - in September which will be fall/Halloween themed.

 Here are some highlights of my resin crafting!

Cricut Joy "In Case Of" Sign

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I am so excited to share with you guys my first project with the Cricut Joy machine.  The inspiration for this project comes from the earthquakes that happened here in Ridgecrest, CA last July. A 6.5 on the 4th and a 7.1 on the 5th with numerous asftershocks that still occur even today. Having this sticker on my front window gives me some peace of mind that in an emergency, my birds won't be forgotten.

St. Patrick's Day + Green Pinterest Party!

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February Pinterest party - themed St. Patrick's Day and green! Keep reading to see what crafts we made and what food we ate.

Here's the link for the Pinterest board I made for the party.