Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Let's Create Expo Ticket Giveaway!

If you live in Utah and have never heard of the Let's Create Expo, it's one of the most fun events if you like crafts, shopping and learning some cool new skills. It used to be known as the Scrapbook Expo so that may ring a bell for you. With the Let's Create Expo it encompasses so much more than just scrapbooking. There are lots of fun giveaways,contests and dance parties throughout the day and night!

You can bring your crop supplies and work at any of the open tables, or just come to shop! The vendors that will be there will be featuring diy, home decor, scrapbooking and digital memory keeping, etc. 

The show starts on Friday at 10am and goes until midnight. You can also come Saturday from 10-6pm. There is an early bird ticket option that gets you in at 9am on Friday and Saturday. 

To check out the website and purchase tickets, go here
To take a look at the Facebook page, go here

Would you like to go to the expo this weekend? Would you like to win a ticket for Saturday? There are going to be 2 winners chosen! Check out the giveaway below! Good luck!

Must be able to attend Saturday, April 23rd, 2016.
Must live in Utah or be here in Utah for the event
Your name will be on the will-call list.

Monday, April 11, 2016

$100 Giveaway to LuLaRoe

Chances are that by now you have heard of LuLaRoe or know someone who sells it. My friend Corrina here in Utah, approached me about exchanging some product for my honest review and a giveaway on my blog! I owned not one single piece of LuLaRoe clothing at the time but have a couple good friends in Arizona and California that sell it and I think a lot of it is pretty cute so I said yes! So...here you go!

Introducing....the Randy shirt! I fell in love with this design the moment I saw it. Probably because I love the color teal but I'm also a huge fan right now of these style of shirts. It fits me perfect and is soft and comfortable to wear. I pair it with the hat there, on occasion, which I found at Hobby Lobby.

These are the leggings I picked out. They are a more fall/winter pattern to me but it's still somewhat cold here in Utah so to me, that makes it a little more okay to wear them. My shirt is from Kohls. The leggings are crazy silky soft material and kind of suck you in. While I am still not a huge fan of wearing leggings in public, this pair is not one I'm anxious to take off. I own about 20 pairs of leggings and these rank in the top of comfort and coverage. They are not see through when you bend your knees or sit down.  I don't have to tug them to stay up on my waist. Winner!

This dress is the Amelia dress and do you know why I love it? Because it has pockets! So key to any good dress. Just kidding...but it is handy! I had narrowed it down to 2 dresses I loved so much and in the end I went with this one. Thanks to my sister and some friends on Snapchat who helped me decide!  This dress goes to my knees and the sleeves go down about midway on my upper arms, as you can see in the picture. There is a zipper down the back of the dress. Normally on Sundays when I dress up for church, I change right back to more comfortable clothes after the 3 hours is over. But not with this dress! I can stay in it all day and be just fine. Plus, it doesn't wrinkle easily which is nice. 

The skirt I have on in the picture above is not exactly my size but I couldn't stop staring at the color and design so I picked it anyways.  I believe the name of this skirt is Azure. You can wear the top of it folded over to make it a bit shorter like I'm doing in the picture or unfold the top band and wear the skirt a bit longer. Both great options!

So the thing with LulaRoe is that you can join lots of parties and shop with different people and not feel bad that you are cheating on the friend who first sold to you. Know what I mean? With some companies, consultants try to keep their following and I know I've been scared (honest!) to attend parties that people host because, "I already have a Jamberry consultant" or , "I already have a Pampered Chef lady". Not the case with LuLaRoe! My friend in AZ tagged me on a dress which I ended up getting and Corrina wasn't even upset. It was so great! 

I did find it a little frustrating that certain prints I liked, I just could not get in my size! But that's part of the fun of it. You can shop around different parties and you might just find the print you want in the size you need!

So now...what you've all been waiting for! Enter to win $100 credit to use at Corrina's LuLaRoe VIP party!

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**Contest available to US residents only.**

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spring Themed Pinterest Party!

 It was time to do another Pinterest party and spring is a fun theme to do so that's what we did! My sister had to cancel coming at the last minute which was really sad. We had 4 girls show up and we had a blast!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

St Patrick's Day Candy Can

 My coworker and her daughter had this really cute idea to use the small clear craft paint style cans and layer them with Rolos on the bottom for gold and Sixlets in the color of the rainbow on the top. I had a couple small containers and thought it'd be fun to give the ladies I visit teach. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

100th Post & A Finished Craft!

 These wood blocks were made at the Valentine Pinterest party and I'm just now finishing them! The first step was to sand and cut the paper to fit on all 4 sides for 4 different season. We did Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter and the 4th of July. I had mine and my sister's blocks at my house for awhile but finally sat down at my Cricut Explore just a couple nights ago to get them finished - just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What I'm Loving At Target

 It's been a little bit since I have been to Target and I needed to get a couple things so I headed over and took a moment to scope out some of my new favorite things! Here's what I found.

How cute is this basket? I love the turquoise roses

 I really liked all the colors and designs going on here. Lots of wall art. Would look good in any girls room

 New owl I've never seen before! It was oh so soft. Love it!

 I dont know about you but I am digging the galaxy/night sky look right now. I just scored a vest at Rue21 actually for only $5! that has this similar pattern on it. I also have a pair of leggings with this design and I can't wait to wear them camping this summer.

 I always love a good owl print!

 Super cute leggings - I love the color & design

 I like the hint of mint on these gray shoes. The soles are a bit thick though.

I keep telling Tony I want this and I just don't get why he doesnt get me one!?

 I love love love summer and swimming/tanning/hanging out by the pool/hiking to waterfalls is one of my favorite things. I can't swim worth beans but that doesn't stop me from hanging out in the water. Target has so many cute swimsuits going on right now!

 Which one is your favorite?

I actually ended up buying this dress. Watch for it on an upcoming My Sunday Style Instagram post!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas!

In the past, I haven't cared too much about what I have worn for Valentine's Day. I do try to wear something pink or red but I don't scout out new clothes to wear. I'm not sure why this year I feel like I want to switch it up and buy a new shirt at least and who knows if I really will but here are some cute ideas if you are looking or interested like I am! Less than 2 weeks away so look fast! We all know I'm the last person who should be giving fashion advice but these tees were some of my favorites. Here I go, creating crafting outfit ideas!

Click the picture to get to the shirt.
Source: eBay
** I'm not responsible if the item has been sold **