Sweet Things Pinterest Party!


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It feels like quite a while since I last did a Pinterest party! Probably because this one wasn't until the end of May pretty much but that's the date that was voted on so here we are :) The theme for this party was Sweet Things. A BRAND NEW THEME. I've been so stoked for this party because I had been saving items for swag and decorating for quite a while in hopes of finding the perfect month to do this theme in. It was definitely not a party I wanted to do virtually. Keep reading to see what we made and what we ate!

First Ever Idaho Pinterest Party 2021!


Tony & I took a trip up to Idaho for a few weeks to help his mom out during the busier part of tax season. Since we were there for quite awhile, I thought about doing a Pinterest party since I had never done one there and I have wanted to expand the locations I do parties as much as is reasonable. I had a few people offer to let me use their homes which was super nice! I ended up doing this party at Tony's parents house this time. Keep reading to see what we made and what we ate!

PS ~ and maybe you are noticing that this party is happening in real life! YES! You are right. It did happen live and I am soo stoked about that. Virtual parties are okay but to be honest, I love doing in person so much more.

Garden Pinterest Party!


  This was the first Pinterest party for Utah for the year! Only two months in, not too shabby, eh? This month's theme was Garden Party! Which is a * brand-new* theme and one that I got pretty excited about.

We pulled ideas from the board above and I was able to deliver the craft kits to everyone while I was in Utah. The party happened from my she-shed here in CA a few days after I got home.

Keep reading to see what we made and what was eaten!

January California Virtual Pinterest Party


First Pinterest party of 2020 is a Valentine and love themed one. There were 5 ladies who were able to attend virtually. I was out delivering the supplies the day of the party but still had about thirty minutes or so when I got home. That's better than last month where I had to delay the party by 15 minutes because I got home right at 7 from delivering supplies. Eek! Keep reading to see what we made and the food too! Here's the link with inspiration that I found for the food and crafts.

First Ever - Virtual Pinterest Party 2020


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While I was in Idaho for Thanksgiving, I made the decision to jump to doing Pinterest parties virtually starting in December instead of January due to covid. Parties are soo much more fun (imo) in real life but I didn't want to completely stop doing them (like unfortunately happened over the summer) so the only other option there is right now is to try and do them virtually. This proves tricky in a lot of ways and I was nervous to start up this way of doing things but it worked out pretty decent. Keep reading to see what we made and ate.

Artesprix Sublimation Markers

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I first learned about Artesprix pens I believe when I went to Creativation / CHA with my friend Marie. I was so intrigued by markers that could transfer to items like apparel, coasters, mugs and more.

Christmas / Disney Pinterest Party


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Thrilled to be able to do another in-person Pinterest party. I kept the group small again and the theme, as you can see, was Disney crafts and Christmas crafts.  We ended up with 2 Disney crafts, 1 Christmas and pretty much all Disney themed food. So funny. Keep reading to see what we made and what we ate!