Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Emergency Preparedness: Have You Thought About Your Pet? & Giveaway!

We talk a lot about being prepared as people, families, individuals but what about our pets? I have five birds and I know that if I had to pick up and leave in an emergency , there are some things to have on hand that would be good to have. 

For animals across the board, a travel carrier is a good idea, especially if your pet is small. Practice putting them in the carrier and going for short trips in the car so they can get used to it. I have a couple small cages that are easy to carry for my birds. Dogs might be okay to just jump in the car on the back seat but cats, hampters, and fish for example, have you thought about how you might get them in the car so you can head out in a hurry?

Other things handy to have on hand are a familiar toy or object. If your dog or cat have some favorite toys, buy 2 that are the same and keep 1 in an emergency type of backpack for when you need to head out.

Some other items to include in the bag for your pet as you rush out the door are some food and treats. I know food especially can get heavy fast. You dont have to put a lot in but just enough for a few meals/ 72 hours if possible. Make sure you include some bottles of water in case you are not able to get any clean water where you are headed to escape the disaster.

Include some plastic bags so you can clean up any 'presents' that might happen along the way. 

For dogs and cats especially, make sure they have a collar on in case they happen to wander away from you. For birds and smaller animals, make sure the cages are labeled well with your contact information.

A leash is handy because even if your pet is well trained to stay by you, in an emergency with a lot of people rushing around you just dont know what might happen. There are even stores and websites that sell leashes for pets other than dogs and cats. This is another thing I would suggest using at home so your pet is familiar. I have a leash for my birds and they do not like it much or get distracted by the shiny clip. But it's nice to know they are familiar with it and I feel comfortable using it on them if I needed to. 

Since I have birds, here are some other tips. Be conscious of the weather. If its cold , have a blanket you can cover the cage with. If its not, a small spray bottle you can fill with water to cool the birds down can be a lifesaver.  Have a catch net in case there is a chance the birds might get let out by accident. Keep the cage in as quiet of an area as you can. Have some extra papers or paper towels to line the bottom of the carrier with.

Being prepared for your pets can ease a lot of stress that would happen in an emergency for both you and your family pet. 

Thanks for checking out my post and since you made it to the end, you can enter this contest! I know its not for any pet items but you can put these items in your preps.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Crafty Plate with Cricut Explore

When I was in Idaho in August my mother in law had some projects she wanted to make with my Cricut Explore. This is one of the ones I made for her to give one of her daughters-in-law who has two little boys. I think it turned out pretty well despite the fact of not having any transfer paper with me.

Friday, September 12, 2014

[Infographic]How to Safely Update Your iPhone or iPad to iOS 8


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sticker Giveaway!

It's been awhile since I've posted a contest or giveaway here so I thought it was about time to post another one. I got an opportunity from a friend to bring you this fun giveaway to win stickers you can personalize, fun! Go ahead and enter below. I hope you win!

- This giveaway is open to the US and Canada and ends on 7/26.
- Must be 18+ to enter.
- One entry per household.
- Giveaway is sponsored by StickerYou and hosted by Momsicals
- This giveaway is subject to the rules that govern all Momsicals hosted giveaways.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Banner

I have a huge roll of burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby and I needed a summer banner for my mantle shelf since spring is now over and I had to take that banner down. I just came up with this on my own but I am sure there is something similar out there!

I made a stencil using my Cricut Explore in different sizes to get various shapes of stars

Then I got the above look which I was liking a lot.  For the letters I just used vinyl and stuck it on. Hopefully it holds okay because I did not want to use my iron on , saving that for other projects ;-) 

 Sorry for the picture repost but this is the only picture I have with the banner actually hanging up. I did add the white stars, some turned out better than others. Overall I think it looks fairly nice and I can think of other ways to spice it up but for now, it'll do. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Craft-Guestroom Makover Part 1

 I'll be honest, our second bedroom , which is a guest room & craft room, is a terrible mess. I have things here and there to organize all my craft stuff but there are piles and piles, the bed usually has piles on it of projects and papers and it was just not a happy room for me to be in. My good friend Lindsay tagged me in a photo on Facebook....

from a lady who posted she was giving away this shelf to whoever came to get it first. I had hearts in my eyes, it was so pretty! I was headed out the door to get it when Tony came home early! We went together which ended up being a good thing because it was a bit long for my car so I held on to it so it didnt slide out as we took surface streets home and I prayed we wouldnt get pulled over.

This past Monday I started pulling everything out of the spare room and piling everything in to the main bedroom and hallway.

Oh. My. Gosh. So terrible! Too much stuff! but I dont know what to get rid of so I dont really get rid of anything. Maybe my mom should come back and visit Utah to help me? Kidding. If anyone wants to help me downsize this stuff, let me know. Be kind , I dont part well with things. 

These are some mid-way done pictures. I switched the bed to the opposite wall and put my cube shelf unit on its side under the window. Decided in the evening I didnt care for it that much so change happened again!

Stay tuned for the room reveal which will hopefully be finished this week, or close to finished. It's been so so nice not having to work 8 hours a day and I can work on tons of other projects and do things I'd rather be doing than sitting at a desk M-F but having a job has its perks too. Like a paycheck ,etc.

In the meantime, I need to sell my beloved desk. Tony is not a fan of it and my sister even said I should get something different. Tear. 

If you are interested or know someone who is, let me know.
Located in Midvale, heavy - so you will need to bring someone with you to help move it. It's currently upstairs (about 6 steps) and then out the front door (1 step) and off the porch (1 more step). Just so you know!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Pinterest Party

It's that time again, time for a Pinterest party and the perfect time to do some summer crafts and 4th of July projects.

I started out my afternoon cutting out stars for my sister for the project she was wanting to do with my Cricut Explore. 

Next I put together a little snow cone action. I ended up going to Target to get a couple more flavors and it was awesome because they were on sale! Yay for sales. 

Getting set up & ready

We made the layered red white and blue drink, or in this case, red blue and white. We used blue Gatorade, Sprite and cranberry juice ( a little different than the Pinterest link ).

Lindsay brought these very cute red vine licorice wrapped with ribbon. Perfect to take and snack on the go

My ordered these delicious sugar cookies from my friend Frieda
I think they turned out so cute!

The star banners we made turned out pretty cute as well! So festive and perfect for the month of July.

Comment below with a link with what projects you have been working on this summer and I will come take a look!