Getting Crafty

My friend Holly set up to have a "Girls Night In" at her house so my friend Celeste and I went and we made vision boards. I'm not totally sure that they turned out to be vision boards exactly (things that inspire us, things we want to do, etc) because I put a lot of food on mine...a chicken burger, cinnamon raisin toast, pizza...random things like an outfit, a shoe, nailpolish, a pretty flower, owls of course! I did put Antelope Canyon there in the top left hand corner of a place I want to go. 

I liked that Celeste found good magazines with great words in them that totally describe her! I wish I had found more words but I worked with what I found and I think it is okay.

After we left Holly's house, I dropped Celeste off at her place, called Tony who was working on homework and headed over to the YW president's house to work on these owl bags for the YW New Beginnings on Sunday. There is a new girl in YW (well, leader not one of the yw girls) who got called to be secretary and her name is Kiersten. She is way fun and was there too and I did come a bit late but helped cut out a few of the eyes for the owls and paste hearts and the owl's head on the bags which were later filled with popcorn. I think they turned out pretty cute!


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