Grandway Review: Luggage Tag!

The item I'm reviewing for Grandway this week is for their luggage tag. Omgoodness it is so freekin cute! Unboxing it made me wish I was flying somewhere so I could attach it to my luggage and show it off at the airport!

How cute is the box the tag comes in? Love it.

Here is the luggage tag that was in the box. I'm loving the design and bling

Each of the tags that you can buy on their website have something different to say. Mine says , "I <3 Baggage Handler's" . One on the website I saw that I really liked said "Nothing Worth Stealing." Haha!

Here's what the back side of the tag looked like

Slid my current business card inside to see how it would look

Here's a close-up of the bling 

On their website you can choose from this design (zebra), teal, pink, black, green or leopard.
Cost is $16 and you can check them out here


kaylynnczy said...

CUTE! These are a LIFESAVER when traveling. I actually use mine on an everyday basis...don't judge ;)

Aimee said...

I like how you put your business card in there. :)

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