Cricut Project - New Iron On Vinyl!

Cricut recently released their new iron-on vinyl and I got a few colors & a couple tshirts to create a project with. I was sent blue (cyan), black and gray. They also have pink, teal, white,  maize (yellow), red, glitter pink, gold & black. Quite a variety to choose from! You can see them all here

I cut out some birds for my project with paper first and laid them down so I could make sure I was going to do this right and determine what sizes I wanted.

Working in Cricut Craftroom with my birds. This bird is found on the cartridge 
3 Birds - On Parade.

If you need to flip your image, now is the time to do it!

Putting the vinyl in for the first time - really nervous! The edges of the vinyl hang off the mat a tiny bit but it didnt seem to cause a problem for me.
When I hit Cut and the Settings box opened, I picked Custom for the material, depth set to 3 and speed as medium.
Make sure you put the very shiny side face down on the sticky mat. many little birds!

Had to decide which layout I wanted to do. This one or...

this one?

I ended up choosing this design. 

I found that it was best to iron the little birds on with no towel, just the highest setting for Cotton/Linen. Do not use steam! You want to spend about 10 seconds or so with the iron, maybe 15 seconds depending how big your vinyl image is. Be careful especially because a towel is not being used. Make sure that the shiny shiny side is facing UP now because that is what you will peel off after the image has attached to the shirt after ironing. You'll want to wait until it's cool to start peeling off the top layer. If you find some of the image still pulls up then all is not lost. You can put the shiny plastic layer back on the image and iron again. Just do not put the iron on the design once you have peeled off that shiny plastic layer. If you have questions, just ask me in the comment section. 

Once your design is ironed on, flip the material inside out and iron on the backside of the vinyl.

Finished product. So happy with how it turned out!

What do you want to make with the new Vinyl from Cricut?


Anonymous said...

i am not so up on the whole cricut thing, but what you made is super cute and very you! you should teach classes!

Ashley Gilbert said...

Super cute Stacie! I have wanted a circuit for sooooo long! Maybe I will be able to get one soon ;)

Unknown said...

Cricuts are so fun. I totally need to use mine more. You can make so many things! :) Love all the little birds. Adorbs! :) You did a good job!

Marilyn's Cricut Crafts said...

Totally adorable! ~ Marilyn

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