LDS Young Women Bottle Cap Necklaces

The lesson I had today at church was about the Holy Ghost but the whole theme this month for YW lesson was about the Godhead. My friend in AZ recently blogged about a bunch of necklaces she made for her lesson and I thought they turned out so cute that I wanted to make some too!

- black cord (not pictured above) but I also used some twine that I had
- gluesticks but I suggest using stronger glue
- 1" circle punch
- 1" clear circle raised stickers
- 1" bottlecap lids
- 1" printables from Green Jello Salad on Etsy
- jewelry circle rings (not pictured)

Here is how one turned out.

I picked up 2 sheets of the printables at Walgreens and used my 1" punch to cut them out. It would have been awesome to create some printables myself but by the time I thought about it , it was after 10pm Saturday night so I figured I'd just buy them from someone who had already made them.

I also wished I had seen the post in time to order the bottle caps from eBay but I ended up going to Hobby Lobby to get most everything I needed that I didn't already have. Luckily  most everything I got was on sale for 50% off. Good timing! They had no bottlecaps with a hole punched in them already so Tony helped me do that part with a nail and a hammer.

I glued down the printable into the bottle cap and put a clear sticker over the top. I threaded the black cord through the jewelry ring and added a bead on each side. Tony did a cool knot that could be adjusted after you put the necklace over your head.

I gave them out at the end of the lesson and I think everyone liked them. Success!


Lindsay said...

Love these. They are so cute and simple.

Unknown said...

Did you print on photo paper or regular paper?

Unknown said...

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