Craft-Guestroom Makover Part 1

 I'll be honest, our second bedroom , which is a guest room & craft room, is a terrible mess. I have things here and there to organize all my craft stuff but there are piles and piles, the bed usually has piles on it of projects and papers and it was just not a happy room for me to be in. My good friend Lindsay tagged me in a photo on Facebook....

from a lady who posted she was giving away this shelf to whoever came to get it first. I had hearts in my eyes, it was so pretty! I was headed out the door to get it when Tony came home early! We went together which ended up being a good thing because it was a bit long for my car so I held on to it so it didnt slide out as we took surface streets home and I prayed we wouldnt get pulled over.

This past Monday I started pulling everything out of the spare room and piling everything in to the main bedroom and hallway.

Oh. My. Gosh. So terrible! Too much stuff! but I dont know what to get rid of so I dont really get rid of anything. Maybe my mom should come back and visit Utah to help me? Kidding. If anyone wants to help me downsize this stuff, let me know. Be kind , I dont part well with things. 

These are some mid-way done pictures. I switched the bed to the opposite wall and put my cube shelf unit on its side under the window. Decided in the evening I didnt care for it that much so change happened again!

Stay tuned for the room reveal which will hopefully be finished this week, or close to finished. It's been so so nice not having to work 8 hours a day and I can work on tons of other projects and do things I'd rather be doing than sitting at a desk M-F but having a job has its perks too. Like a paycheck ,etc.

In the meantime, I need to sell my beloved desk. Tony is not a fan of it and my sister even said I should get something different. Tear. 

If you are interested or know someone who is, let me know.
Located in Midvale, heavy - so you will need to bring someone with you to help move it. It's currently upstairs (about 6 steps) and then out the front door (1 step) and off the porch (1 more step). Just so you know!


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