Halloween Pinterest Party

First some decorations!

Candy Corn lights I found at Savers 

Here's the setup. The banner is perfect and I use it every time 

Blue medical type gloves (Target) with popcorn in them. Just plain popcorn because buttered would have been messy. I saw some ideas that had candy corn in the tips of each finger like a fingernail but I wasnt able to get any in time.I think these turned out okay anyways.

Mummy pizzas! So easy, french bread sliced down the middle, white mozzarella cheese slices and pizza sauce. Bake in the oven until the cheese is melty. I added pepperoni for the eyes because I dont like olives. One of the pizzas had pepperoni layered underneath the cheese.

Delicious mix of marshmallows, chex cereal, candy corn and pretzels, drizzled with melted white chocolate. Thank you Laura for brining this!

Oreo cookie men

Graveyard bean dip brought by Laura

As usual, there were at least 8 people that were going to come but started canceling on me the week and the day of the event.  I guess I should have planned 2 crafts. Some people just brought food which is fine but then we ended up with just 1 craft.

We made Halloween banners with the Cricut Explore.

If you were going to go to a Pinterest party would you:
- rather just show up and have all the food and crafts there while paying $5-10 to go?
- bring a food and a craft
- get assigned or choose just to bring a food or a craft, not both.
- another idea?

Also, I have started a Facebook group for the Pinterest parties so if you would like an invite (if you havent seen it already) , please let me know. This way you can stay up to date on the next party and post ideas on crafts you would like to make.


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