3 Fun Moving Tips for Moms

Moving can be an extremely stressful process, but if you take the right precautions, it can be a great time to get organized, throw out old things, and start fresh in a brand new house. Take these three tips with you on your move so you can be better prepared to have a fun experience.

1.     Get Creative with Padding
It is critical to have as much padding in your boxes as possible. You can use soft items like stuffed animals, extra socks in your kitchen glasses, old shirts, newspaper, old phone books, and other items that might be around your house. Wrap your mirrors, lamps, and artwork with blankets, and make sure they are extremely padded.

2.     Create a “Packing Supplies Basket”
For your moving convenience, create a “Packing Supplies Basket” to store things like labels, scissors, screw drivers, tape, razors, and more. This way, you can carry around your packing supplies easily and have everything ready to use.

3.     Do your Research on Moving Beforehand
Make sure you are ready and prepared for your move so that you are not scrambling to organize, pack, and make sure nothing is broken. Check out this moving guide from Extra Space Storage that highlights some great tips to make sure your move is smooth and organized. 

Your move should be enjoyable, so stay prepared and ready for action, and take these tips with you to make sure you are well prepared and organized.

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