Target Finds ~ Part 2!

 Get ready for all the randomness of this post but seriously, I heart all these things I found at Target!

 I am a huge fan of s'mores and when I saw eyes got so big. They look delicious!


 I enjoy cherry flavored treats and this caught my eye - it looks so delicious and fun!
 Cannot forget the Rainbow Chip frosting! Did you know that it's back on shelves now?! Thank you Betty Crocker! I have at least 5 containers here at my house. Mmm good.

I just love checking out what owl clothes I can find for my nieces and nephews. Okay..just my nieces. These pieces are so adorable!


Have you seen these "digi birds"? They are pretty fun and if you get a few of them, they sing together!

 Chillin' panda friend

It took everything in me to walk away from this backpack. Only $13 on sale at Target and came with headphones (they were attached to the back of the backpack)

 This picture didnt turn out the best but owl pushpins - yes!
 I am loving the look of this jacket

 These looked like some fancy fun! Dyson line. never seen them look like this before...

 Hottest item on kids' Christmas lists this year? Possibly!

 I haven’t checked out the Target craft aisle lately but I like what I see..minus the unorganized wood pieces.  Ha!

I'll leave you now with these soft soft panda socks. 


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