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Chances are that by now you have heard of LuLaRoe or know someone who sells it. My friend Corrina here in Utah, approached me about exchanging some product for my honest review and a giveaway on my blog! I owned not one single piece of LuLaRoe clothing at the time but have a couple good friends in Arizona and California that sell it and I think a lot of it is pretty cute so I said yes! So...here you go!

Introducing....the Randy shirt! I fell in love with this design the moment I saw it. Probably because I love the color teal but I'm also a huge fan right now of these style of shirts. It fits me perfect and is soft and comfortable to wear. I pair it with the hat there, on occasion, which I found at Hobby Lobby.

These are the leggings I picked out. They are a more fall/winter pattern to me but it's still somewhat cold here in Utah so to me, that makes it a little more okay to wear them. My shirt is from Kohls. The leggings are crazy silky soft material and kind of suck you in. While I am still not a huge fan of wearing leggings in public, this pair is not one I'm anxious to take off. I own about 20 pairs of leggings and these rank in the top of comfort and coverage. They are not see through when you bend your knees or sit down.  I don't have to tug them to stay up on my waist. Winner!

This dress is the Amelia dress and do you know why I love it? Because it has pockets! So key to any good dress. Just kidding...but it is handy! I had narrowed it down to 2 dresses I loved so much and in the end I went with this one. Thanks to my sister and some friends on Snapchat who helped me decide!  This dress goes to my knees and the sleeves go down about midway on my upper arms, as you can see in the picture. There is a zipper down the back of the dress. Normally on Sundays when I dress up for church, I change right back to more comfortable clothes after the 3 hours is over. But not with this dress! I can stay in it all day and be just fine. Plus, it doesn't wrinkle easily which is nice. 

The skirt I have on in the picture above is not exactly my size but I couldn't stop staring at the color and design so I picked it anyways.  I believe the name of this skirt is Azure. You can wear the top of it folded over to make it a bit shorter like I'm doing in the picture or unfold the top band and wear the skirt a bit longer. Both great options!

So the thing with LulaRoe is that you can join lots of parties and shop with different people and not feel bad that you are cheating on the friend who first sold to you. Know what I mean? With some companies, consultants try to keep their following and I know I've been scared (honest!) to attend parties that people host because, "I already have a Jamberry consultant" or , "I already have a Pampered Chef lady". Not the case with LuLaRoe! My friend in AZ tagged me on a dress which I ended up getting and Corrina wasn't even upset. It was so great! 

I did find it a little frustrating that certain prints I liked, I just could not get in my size! But that's part of the fun of it. You can shop around different parties and you might just find the print you want in the size you need!

So now...what you've all been waiting for! Enter to win $100 credit to use at Corrina's LuLaRoe VIP party!

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The workout gear is close fitting without being too tight. (I have 35" hips & got a size small). The waistband is made of a stretching knit & there is no added elastic band. As a result, there is little to no muffin top!

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