5 Epic Ways to Decorate Your Living Room

Remember the days when living room was the center of your micro universe? When families gathered around TV to watch their favorite show? With rise of the internet those days are long gone and we are more isolated now than ever before. Regardless, when those moments do occur, they tend to be special.
Although family dynamic has drastically changed the matter of fact remains that living rooms are still important. If not for the family then for your guests. That being said, you still have to pay attention to small details. Minor design flaws can completely ruin the room making the time spent in much less enjoyable.
This is why we made an article that helps you solve your issues and reinvent the living room.

  1. Mirrors everywhere
Most people see mirrors for their functionality. For example, professional makeup mirrors or Hollywood mirrors are often seen as a way to work on your beauty and improve it. Mirrors provide the necessary assistance before you go out. But what if I told you that you can use them as decoration pieces?
Perhaps the best trick is to replace your paintings with mirrors. Now, some may say that this might look confusing or overbearing. It is not so if you position them in the right way.

  1. Focus on wooden elements
Some people do not like renovating or redesigning their living room too often. However, when they do it, they are usually swayed by current trends. In greater scheme of things this means you will have a room that will be stylish only for a few years. As someone who is reluctant to renovate, you will be stuck with something that isn’t nice.
As a way to remedy the situation, you need to focus on wooden elements. They never go out of style (no wonder given that most of the furniture is made of wood) but make sure to expose the wood, without painting it or modifying the natural surface.
It is also much warmer than any other material.

  1. Circular room
Ok, no one has a circular living room. That is a given. However, you can create an illusion that it is.
What do you have to do?
It is simple; just make sure that all the furniture is placed in a circle. Ideally, these elements should be curved so they can connect with each other. This will make atmosphere much more pleasant and homey as you will be force to come closer to your guests.

  1. Focus on natural light
Needless to say, natural light is much better for your eyes. But, in terms of interior design, there is a good reason why your living room craves it.
Simply put, when redesigning this room, it is not only about furniture and its placement. It’s about the inner feeling you create in people who are seated there. Living room needs to be comfy and homey and what better way to do it besides introducing natural light.
If there is a chance for sunlight to enter the room, make sure to increase the window size. Utilize most of the sunlight and make living room warmer.

  1. Add a fireplace
Fireplace may seem a bit rustic. But it is symbolic to have one in your living room.
Fireplace (even artificial one) symbolizes warmth and family values. It is a motif of every family celebration and for a good reason. So, if your have space and more importantly need, it is best if you add one.

That’s it folks! Hope you like these tips and utilize some of them!

Thank you Emmerey Rose for guest posting on my blog. I hope you all enjoy it and take a look at her blog! ~ Stacie aka NiteOwlCreates


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