Neighbor Christmas Gifts

This post is sponsored by Plaid Crafts who I love and enjoy working with! They sent me this Pickling Wash, something I'd never heard of before and had stored in my paint cart before I finally decided to get brave and use it on a gift I wanted to make for my neighbors this Christmas.

The other tools I used were a wood burning kit I got a couple years at the Let's Create Expo in Utah for a steal - only $10! Plus it was the last one left so..we all know what that means ;-)  Tony & I used coupons to buy 2 packages of square dowel sticks at Joanns and Tony cut them in to thirds for me. I sanded down the tops and bottoms so they werent quite as sharp.


The Pickling Wash acted like stain to me because it said to brush it on, wait 30 seconds and wipe it off. So, that's what I did. I figured with the various colors they could all work for Christmas since who does just red and green anymore?

Here's my work in progress out in the she-shed. I had my music going and was able to sit and focus on the craft for a couple hours and take my time.


Besides staining the dowels, I think using the wood burner was my next favorite thing! I chose a short word to do first and it burned quite well on to the wood and through the stain.


This is the finished result. Just a little ornament to hang on the tree. I hope the neighbors will love and appreciate it! Along with the plate of cookies we'll bring by, of course!

 I also gave this coastal paint a try. It's supposed to go on thick and kind of gloppy, the instructions say to make peaks with the brush so I tried to do that as I went along. That was fun! The wood burning tool doesn't like this paint as much though so I am working on a stencil and will feature that in a separate post.


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