Creativation Pre-party!

Thursday evening before Creativation started, Cricut hosted a meetup event for bloggers and whoever wanted to come at a Mexican restaurant in downtown Phoenix. It was quite frustrating to find parking due to construction and the fact that they dont have any free parking so I had to pay a few dollars to park but I finally made it in to the restaurant which was very crowded in the back corner but I managed to sit next to my friend Rhonda who had flown to AZ from Michigan. 

We turned this pile of cut felt 'scraps' into....

These beautiful flowers!

Saved these pics from my friend and crafty bestie, Rhonda aka HyperCrafty. We had a great time putting these flowers together as we chatted and caught up with each others lives. 

Ended the night with shredded beef nachos. Pretty delicious even though I let them get cold because I dropped Rhonda off at her place but not before checking out the super cool Airbnb she was staying in. Inbetween all that I dropped my phone on cement and broke it worse and that consumed my thoughts and my appetite disappeared for awhile so I left the nachos in the car. They were still fairly good later. And the next day. But not so much the next. There was a lot in that pizza box!


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