Blogging Organization Board

This project has been a lonng time coming! Basically all of last year. Continue reading to find out the idea behind it all and how it will help me (fingers crossed) stay organized in 2019 and beyond with my blogging goals.

I have a few blogs - lifestyle, crafts and travel are the main topics.  It has been an off and on struggle as my blogs have grown, to keep track of brands I am working with and things I want to post about without having anyone fall through the cracks. I thought having it in a format I can view all in one glance would be helpful. Thus, the idea to put this together.

Tony mapped out how big the square should be (slightly wider than a sticky note and a little taller. He is good at math so it worked out great to have him do this part for me.

I used skinny washi tape to make the lines. So, not permanent but better than just drawing lines with a whiteboard marker.

I got a whiteboard at a yardsale in Utah with the idea to hang it up in the office to keep my blogging opportunities organized. An online calendar is great but I needed something I could see all at once and not have to scroll through each day to see what project was due.

I found it difficult to get the lines straight and having two sets of hands ended up being really helpful.  Even with a whiteboard marker mark at both ends of the board, the tape wanted to do its own thing down the middle and get a bit wavy but with me holding it tight on one end and Tony holding it at the other end and slowly pressing the tape to the board, we managed to get pretty straight lines. 

Wah-lah! So glad when this part was done. Now, on to the fun part!

Adding the brands. Some good progress being made.

I used my Cricut Maker to cut out all the vinyl used that you see here.
 Little pictures make looking at the board more fun.

Titles that categorize who I should be working with and posting about on a regular or semi-regular basis. These are brands I have affiliate links with or work with in exchange for product they send me. There are also a few areas that I just want to keep track of blog posts I write on my own like upcoming Local/State events, hot air balloon festivals, etc that I want to post or need to post about.

Here's a list of the affiliate links if you are interested in checking any of them out:


Get Away Today - Ticket deals with Disneyland and other theme parks
Kijaro - they send me items to review and promote. No affiliate link atm.


Amazon - affiliate links for almost any item on Amazon
Plaid Crafts - paint, wood, stencils and more. They send me items to use and share about
Rustoleum - they send me products on occasion that I post about
Cricut - occasionally sent product and I use their stuff a lot in my craft posts, Pinterest parties, etc.
Cutterpillar - STACIE20 gets you a 20% discount. I need to see if I can get it activated again though it looks like.


MojiLife - fresh scents for your home from an AirMoji that you can download an app to schedule when you want the scent to fill the room.
Target - affiliate link for many items at Target, I get a small % kickback.
Humble Threads - tshirt company my friend runs and I just love the shirt options available!
Cents of Style - daily deals on really great clothing from tops, bottoms, dresses and more
Bangs Shoes - if you would like a discount code, message me! I'm just not allowed to post it on social media apparently. 

Let me know what you think of my plan! Let me know if you have any questions in a comment. Thanks for checking this out!


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