Creativation - Plaid Crafts Breakfast & Booth Tour

I was invited to the Plaid Breakfast on Sunday morning which I excitedly attended. Thanks to my friend Marie who dropped me off so I could make it by 8am. This breakfast was to introduce us to the new products coming out this year and learn about them. I'm always so excited about new craft supplies - esp from Plaid!

There was a decent size group of us. Here is Shauna saying some words. She works with the bloggers/influencers and is such a cool lady.

I got a couple bottles of this new Mod Podge in spray format!
You'll be able to purchase this starting on March 4.

These felt cactuses were sprayed with the Mod Podge which made them nice and stiff to hold their form this way. Very cool!

Color Shift has 3 new colors!

Dragon, Raspberry and Plum! This line is one of my very favorites. They just turn out so cool looking on whatever you are painting on. Available now on the Plaid website

Dragonfly Glaze - new!

"FolkArt Dragonfly Glaze contains extraordinary pigments that create an iridescent finish allowing multiple colors to be viewed from different angles."

    "FolkArt Treasure Gold allows you to create stunning decor by adding intense metallic sheen. Your projects will look as if they have been dipped in pure gold!"

    Besides the Color Shift paint, this Glitterific is one of my other top favorite paints to use. 

    New colors for 2019 include Tangerine, Yellow, Lime, Pink and Berry. I'll be sure to post a fun project with these colors when I get them. Totally can't wait!

    Paint pouring is fun and popular. 

    Learn more about this Let's Paint program here. It's new for 2019!

    So many fun things you can do with stencils. Aren't these dishes amazing!

    Plaid has partnered with Hallmark on a line of fun adhesive stencils.

    What product from Plaid is catching your eye the most? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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