California Self-Care Pinterest Party

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May Pinterest Party!
Theme ~ Self Care

This is a brand new theme and I was really excited about it because I found lots of good crafts to make. So many actually, that I couldn't narrow it down and we did 5 crafts. 2 were fairly simple and the rest took slightly longer. 

Keep reading to see what we made and ate!


I pre-painted these mason jars to make Bless You jars to help the project not take so long on the night of the party. I used paints from Rustoleum and Plaid Crafts.

I used my Cricut machine to cut the vinyl words and got the twine from my craft stash and the flowers from Hobby Lobby. The jars turned out so cute and you can pull the Kleenx right out of the top.

Ready for a craft fail? Sadly, these pens covered with Sculpey Clay didn't make it. 

I followed the direction on this link and the BIC pens got melty and cracked. Was it the toaster oven? The temp? Not using parchment paper? I will have to experiment and try this again. For the most part, I do the crafts ahead of time to have an example for people but this one seemed simple enough, what could go wrong? Oh, so much. I am sad that none of the pens made it because everyone's colors and designs were so pretty!

We used the Cricut EasyPress to get the iron on vinyl on to these sleep masks from Amazon. All the designs you see just came from the Design Space program.

The little Organza bag on the right was things we can do for self-care. I had a list with tons of ideas and we all used Popsicle sticks to write the ideas on with Sharpie. Decorated the ends with washi tape. The only problem with the original link was no way to copy and paste the ideas to print them. No printable list! Super frustrating to find this out only 30 minutes before the party started. So that's why I included that second link that had a list I could actually copy and paste to a Google Doc and get to print without all the other website words and images. 

I got these fun printables from a blogger called Skip to my Lou (also, inspiration also here) and I tried them with white card-stock but they curled a bit so I went and got watercolor paper which was suggested to me and it curled a bit but then went flat, kind of cool. The only issue was that we couldn't paint on the words like I could when I experimented with the card-stock. Lesson learned! They still turned out cute and some people got so fancy with their designs. Love!


This drink in the pitcher is my #1 favorite! Super simple to make with only 4 ingredients.

My neighbor came and brought chili! I had posted that the she-shed might be a little cool so she wanted to make something warm we could eat. Oh gosh, it was perfect. Beans, meat and diced tomatoes. I will be doing a separate post with the recipe to pin on Pinterest. I just wish I had a better photo because this is really all I took. Whoops!

Yogurt bar! Fun and easy to put together and customize for individual preferences. I kept it simple because not a lot of people were coming to this party. We had strawberries, peaches, granola, blueberries, and banana. I provided strawberry and vanilla yogurt. Turned out so yum! Inspiration here.

Example of the yogurt bar in the pic on the left.

The pic on the right is chips for the chili and those meat rolls? One is ham and one is turkey. They are rolled with cream cheese and cheese on the inside. Quite delicious. I grabbed some extras at the end of the night and Tony finished them off so fast!

The lantern is from Ikea and was part of the table decor.

The picture on the right is homemade foaming hand soap. Recipe here
as well as felted soap. Tony helped me make those and they seemed to turn out pretty cool!

Supplies I used:

Which craft did we do that was your favorite?


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