Checking Out Foundations Decor at Creativation

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Foundations Decor is a company I hooked up with late last year to help promote their products and get the word out about how cool they are and what they do! I have mentioned them a little bit on Facebook and word of mouth but noticed I hadn't really blogged about them I am!

I'm a huge fan of their magnetic boards. You can switch out the wood pieces inside each section to match the holiday or your mood.

They have these cool click frames which are interchangeable magnetic frames. You pick your frame color, the backing and what you want to go inside your frame. Could be a phrase, wood cutout or design. See more about these Click Stick frames here

Ahhh this is something new that they now carry - a magnetic calendar board. Too fun! I'm dying over how awesome it is. The board on the left is what you will get. The one on the right was just  a display showing other months of the year.

Also, don't forget that they carry scrapbook paper! You don't have to be a scrapbooker to use this paper. It is good for any paper crafts! Embellishing, cutting with your Cricut, Mod Podge, backgrounds for your frames and more. Lots of cool designs and I especially love the double sided paper. 

They also have a selection of buttons, wood letters and numbers and other embellishments.

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