Staying Crafty with Resin!

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It's been a moment since I posted any updates here but I have been crafting - quite a lot lately!

Some of the fun crafts I've been trying / doing / perfecting are mainly with resin but I have also pulled out my wood burning kit, my microwave kiln, and my alcohol inks among other things. I also tried ice-dying for the first time with my sister in Utah and look forward to making more dyed items shortly.

I've missed posting Pinterest Parties here but I have a party happening again - in person! - in September which will be fall/Halloween themed.

 Here are some highlights of my resin crafting!


 ( I apologize, my blogging platform is being funky right now..these are def. not lined up right!)

I have done tons of letters to make keychains to give to friends, family and even strangers.

I got this mold on Amazon. It took me a long time to decide which one to get. Damask Love recommended one like this and I love that the letters are backwards. I didnt understand for a bit why this was so important but the back of the letter is what you want at the top. It looks nicer when you pop the letters out of the mold and sometimes the backs (tops) are a little sharp where the edges of the resin were left to harden. Kind of tricky to explain but I have been really happy with this mold. I usually use glitter mixes in it but have also tried the Fast Cast resin and alcohol inks.

When I am not using Fast Cast resin, a clear brand I use often is this one.

I got these coaster molds from Michael's and the cool rocks as well. I kept the resin clear and made it look pretty by setting a design of stones on the mold before pouring the mixture in.

For the other coaster, I bought this mix of glitter, I can't remember where for sure but I think it was from Michael's as well. I check Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Joanns, Craft Warehouse and the internet for molds, glitter and other fun accessories to add.

                This coaster I experimented using some alcohol inks to make a fun design.

The Mickey ears came from Pris Charms and the earring molds came from one of my Instagram friends who I got to meet in real life in 2019. Well, we met and then we became Instagram friends. 


I needed this mold and it came from Etsy. I like the style of this hot air balloon.


This star mold is from Hobby Lobby. I tried to put alcohol inks on the Fast Cast resin and it was sticky on the top so I had a little extra room and mixed some clear resin to put on top. This helped but the clear resin had lots of little bubbles.

I usually use various molds at the same time, depending what I need to make.

Some resin "fails". The Fast Cast resin is really hard for me to use sometimes. If I mix it for too long, it starts to harden up fairly quickly and sometimes I can't even pour it out of my mixing cup! The resin on the left, Minnie's bow, for some reason didn't pour smoothly. For the pineapple mold, I overfilled one of the pineapples and another pineapple didn't get filled up enough. 

Love trying different looks with these Minnie and Mickey ears. Holiday themes. Fast cast resin tinted. Anything goes!

I was on the hunt for a gummy bear mold for awhile. Finally tracked one down and I've had a blast making glittery bears. Including a panda! (refer back to the first photo in this post).

 This is the before look....

I got some barrette molds - finally! - they were so hard to track down -  these ones are from Michael's.

           To this! It's so fun to create different looks with different shapes and types of glitter.

I also tried using some alcohol inks and Fast Cast resin here to make a fun swirly look. I think I am a fan!

Stay tuned for more resin crafts in the future and also more details about other crafts I've been doing. What was your favorite resin mold that I used?


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