Christmas & Disney Themed Pinterest Party ~ California!


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I can't believe I made it through another
whole year of Pinterest parties! Although I did continue doing them virtually for a bit, I was very stoked to finally switch back to hosting them in real life. They're still not perfect and I always think of ways I can improve them (after I do them of course) but keep reading to see what we ate and what we made!

Board of ideas and inspiration can be found here

I may have gotten a bit overly excited with the crafts and instead of choosing 3 for everyone to make, I picked 4. Needless to say, we did not have time to make all of them.

We started with this cute projects of trees and little houses to make a scene for a mantle, tiered tray, to gift, or whatever the crafters wanted to do with it.

We used this fluffy snow for the bases of the trees (if people wanted to) and the houses (again, if people wanted to) and man, it is one of my favorite craft items at the moment. So pretty and easy to use.

Peep these cute houses from Joann Fabrics! They started out plain wood and
we gussied them up quite a bit.

 Next up were Mickey ball ornaments! It took a moment to find the right sizes and colors of ornaments to use with this project but we managed with what I found and they all turned out very cute!

This craft was a bit on the trickier level and more steps to it so not everyone made one. One lady did make one, another girl had to get home and then I made one for one of the ladies who wasn't able to get to this craft. What is it? You might be asking. It's (warning: YouTube link) DIY Keychain Disney Ears! Ahh! I saw these in the parks at was like..these are so expensive. There has gotta be a copycat way to make them and I did a search and yes. Yes there was. I am so pleased about how the ones that were finished, turned out. And now we know. How much trouble and work it is to make one but I must say, the results paid off. And huge thanks to LaWanna for letting me borrow some of her fabric scraps because that is not something I have a stash of...

(this one is a gift for a friend in Utah...shh!)

Now on to the food!

You might notice that this drink doesn't look anything like the pin! I searched Walmart and Albertsons - the day of the party - only to discover that they do not carry Lemon Lime KoolAid powder. I guess its somewhat discontinued? So...while the drink was really good, it was not green.

Festive Rice Krispie treats!


And look how fun is this! Cars Land Theme

A few treats on my plate. Really loving the rim of red sparkle sugar on the rim of the cups. Easy and festive to do!

Last craft for the night - Disney map ornaments. Only 1 person was able to do this one but we had fun with it. You can find after pictures over on my temporary (hopefully) IG.

That's a wrap for 2021 Pinterest Parties! Stay tuned for more fun posts in 2022!!


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