Introducing Bonjour Magnetic Key Finder from a new company called Grandway. You might have seen a couple posts ago a picture of a big bag with a bow on it. This was one of the items in it and the first one I get to review! First though, a little background on the company. Grandway seems like an excellent company from what I've seen so far. Very giving and charitable. Some of the things they make are in Honduras  giving opportunities to women who need to earn an income. Also, with the profit Grandway makes from sales, they do a humanitarian project each month. That is very impressive to me.

Okay - on to the first product from them that I am reviewing. They did a little meetup at Cheesecake Factory a week or two ago and I was not able to attend because of work but my good friend Aimee went and picked up my bag for me. Super excited to see that everything in it was cherry themed! This was my first love before owls and pandas.

Their website has many different magnets to pick from, 
you'll be sure to find one that you love! 

- Powerful magnet to hold keys and keep charm in place
- Also great for a fashion accessory for scarfs, boots, hats, etc
- Premium quality rhinestones

I love that most of their products come in gift boxes - ready to give to your friends and family, or yourself!
The magnet doesn't ruin your electronics, something that I was as little nervous about but it's been close to my phone , ipod and GPS and they didnt wig out. Phew!

So pretty! I just love looking at how sparkly the cherries are

I tested it out on my scarf

 Looks pretty spiffy to me

I wondered how it would attach to my boot and it looks so cute there

So shiny!

The last place I tried the magnet out (and where it is still hanging out) is on my purse bag.

Excited to stick this awesome cherry magnet more places in the future. Maybe I'll end up using it for what it was intended for...finding my keys in a messy bag ;-)

You can find the Bonjour magnetic key finder on the Grandway website as well as many other awesome items.  What are some of your favorites?

Stay tuned to see what I review next!


LuckyRedHen said...

They have a FOUR LEAF CLOVER magnet :D I'm not sure how they work as a key finder/holder, but they sure seem versatile fancifying an outfit! Thanks for sharing.

Stacie S-H said...

Eek - you are quick to comment! :) The magnet side on the inside of your purse bag , your keys will be attracted to it and make it easy to find them among everything else that gets put in there.

Aimee said...

Great post! I really like the different colors they offer. Especially the ones in the Green boxes! You know me and my green! :) I like how it looks on your bag. I bet one of those owl ones would look cute on my green coat eh?!

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