Review/Giveaway for Wigglo Pets

This review/giveaway is hosted by The Momma And Boys

Wigglo Pets was created by a 9 year old girl.  What makes the pets great is that their is no mess, no walking, and no feeding.  The 9 year old girl, Maya, started her company and has used it to raise money for Haiti Tsunami and for a Humane society.  Now she is using a portion of her earning to go towards for pediatric cancer research. 

The Momma's Boy #1 was so excited to receive his Wigglo Pet.  He named it Bob and carried to around on his shoulder.   He even had to make sure all his friends saw it as well. 

He loved how when he would pet Bob, the Wigglo Pet, he would react to each touch.  His friends and him have a blast with them.

Disclaimer: The Momma And Boys has received the product as a gift to do a review and giveaway and all opinions are from The Momma And Boys! The Momma And Boys and Nite Owl Creates is not responsible for shipping of the product.


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