Cricut Explore Launch Party!

Last week at the Provo Craft HQ, Cricut had their launch party for their new Cricut Explore. Open to anyone to go and my sister Laura came along for the evening.  The event started at 9pm which I loved because it means I could go to the YW activity from 7-830 , Laura came over shortly after 830 and we were over in South Jordan at 9. Worked out perfect!

Many treats for us to eat as we crafted.  I didnt get a picture of the sodas and popcorn over to the right. I just love the banners in this area, so cute!

We all got to sit at a laptop that had a Cricut Explore hooked up to it and start playing! Cricut employees were walking around the room helping us, answering questions and offering advice and tips. So handy to have their help!

One of the things I made was some vinyl words to stick on the back of my cell phone.

I also made a card and see the tool with the pink top? I believe it was scoring my paper but you can also stick a pen in there and have the machine draw any font or design you want. Pretty amazing! No excuse for bad handwriting anymore.

Getting ready to watch the Cricut Explore get sold out on HSN. They had 5000 available and were gone in a matter of about 30 minutes.

 Watching , watching and getting excited the closer the number in the box in the right hand corner of the screen got to 5000

I dont have a picture of me on the phone trying to get through to order mine but here's my true confession for the day, I ordered one! I was in the 4800's by the time I got through after being on hold for a bit. If I didnt get through, I was not going to be too disappointed but if I did get through, I figured that it was meant to be. I have never ordered anything on HSN before. It took about 10 min or less to place my order. Super super excited for it to come and for what I can make and do with it. I love my Cricut Mini but it will be nice to be able to cut bigger things and have the capability to draw or cut any font I want as well as have the spot where a pen can go. Not to mention all the storage that is built in. I love also that there will be an iPad app to use with it eventually as well. Super awesome!

What do you craft with? Did you order the new Cricut Explore too?


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