Craft Warehouse Finds

 I just had to do a blog post about this store called Craft Warehouse in Idaho because I am so in love with it! I visit it every time I am in Idaho. It's just so cool and to me, better than Michael's , JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby because it just offers more. More ideas, more supplies, more everything! Here are some fun pictures I took when I was in the store last weekend.

I just had to stop and stare in every aisle. There was so much to see!!

This was $12 and I love the owl + the color. It's a hook to hang things on.

These huge cardboard letters on sale for $9.99 with fun ideas on how to decorate them above! Pink tulle, roadmaps, Christmas vine and yarn. So pretty and I love their ideas.

This was a fun clear rubber stamp I found. Never seen this in UT! But then again I dont always look at these unless they are on clearance.

Soo many kinds of rocks for jewelry making I guess

I thought this looked fun to try someday so I took a pic to remember.

Flat glass capsules and I often wonder when I am at the craft store..what the heck would I do with this? My brain is so dead :( I cant seem to be creative on my own anymore, especially when I am in a hurry.

I have never heard of this but it seems like just a brand of backing for material to make it a bit stiffer. I like the name though, Phoomph! 

Whole rack of owl material. Whoohoo yesss

Loved these owl candle holders. Teal and so cute!

Mini laptop desk! with owls of course

I really liked the idea to make these decorative Christmas trees

I wanted a super satchet! Didnt know what I'd use it for but still. Teal, so pretty

I thought this idea was cool and so I bought the paper for it

This advent calendar was so fun. Where in Utah can you even find this!? If you know...let me know. I just love this

Fun idea and so easy!

Burlap stickers. Genius. Never seen these before!
I am sure they are at Hobby Lobby or Michael's but I've just never seen them

Fun scrapbook paper

Loved this washi tape holder. You can put it together yourself. I almost bought one but it was between that or an advent calendar.

I totally want to make this - how cute! Plus all the supplies to make it were right there around the project. So handy.

These were fun boxes also on sale but I didnt get one.

Unique stitch stickers.

A whole wall of My Minds Eye. I dont seem to find this in Utah yet their HQ is here!

I loved this project idea also. A tin mail holder I guess it is...painted with a vinyl owl on it.

I super loved this project idea.

This was another project idea I saw and I bought burlap to do it

I have 2 glass blocks that my sister gave me (thanks Allison!) and I am super excited to make this and gift it.

This tin magnet board is fun. I made one once in CA that I still have with magnets on it. Cool to see other things that you can stick on as well.

I got a whiteboard at DI for $2 to do this. Pretty cool idea and of course, everything was right close so you could grab it all to make this project.

Owl paperweight and you can stick any paper design you want on the back/bottom.

The wood cut and ready to go. Again, where in Utah can you find this? Enlighten me.

Overall, you can probably tell by this blog post that I am most impressed that there are things at Craft Warehouse you just cant find at a regular Michaels , Hobby Lobby or JoAnns. Plus, those stores might have a few project ideas here and there but Craft Warehouse has SO MANY ideas its insane. I wanted to buy and make all the things!!

What's your favorite craft store?


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