Craft Warehouse - Portland, Oregon!

 Be still, my  heart.

My friend Lindsay had never been to craft warehouse so we took her boys along and explored all the aisles. Rylan loved the 'tunnel of lights' I think he called it. It was really fun to walk underneath!

 All the pretty owls!

 Can't forget about the birds...

 Lindsay and I thought this was so pretty!

 It seems like pineapples are popular this summer...

 Love this idea on creating a gold map!

 I love just staring at this stuff. It's so cool and gets my wanderlust going

 I love the idea to put bird fabric in an embroidery hoop for decoration

 Winter colors, so good to my eyes

 Of course I liked the owl stamp the best

 Fun card ideas!

 Woodburning would be really fun to try...

 I had so many ideas for these little shadowboxes and I loved the ideas put together on display too

More woodburning ideas

 Ideas for the mini canvases

 I liked the clock they made with the mini canvases as well as all the ideas underneath!

This font of wooden letters was my #1 favorite

The Minc machine was on sale, good price (to me)

 Once again, Craft Warehouse, you did not disappoint. Scored some fun items at the tent sale and enjoyed walking around inside the store! Seemed kind of smaller than the store in Meridian, Idaho but packed full of fun craft supplies and idea. Oregon also just had a new Craft Warehouse open in Beaverton.


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