Favorite Target Finds in October!

I was so excited when I saw these in the craft section. My parents got these for me one year when I was a kid and I loved them! I used them until they all dried up. These are really similar to the ones I had...the mustache and thumbs up and smiley with sunglasses are different but the rest look the same. Awesome. I might have to get these! 

I also thought these sets were neat. They had them in a variety of colors and they come with some markers, pens and a pencil. Neat way to teach kids their colors or to have various ways to draw with the same color.

I thought this set looked really nice. The globe is fun, clipboard, pins..feels like fall!

Who doesn't love a mini lava lamp! I thought these were fun and came in a few 
different colors

I am kind of loving these Digi Owls and Birds. They are roughly $10 depending which one you get and they come in some cool colors and designs. I have a couple owls (mama and baby) that sing to each other and my birds seem to like listening and watching them interact. 

 Loving this piece of furniture - especially the color!

 I can always use these cube boxes. It is nice to see them on sale once in awhile. The best deal I get is 1/2 off or more at Michaels with a coupon but they don't have nearly as many colors as Target is carrying.

 The hot air balloon lights are back! I bought a set last year and can't wait until we have a house and I can hang them up in the backyard. I know I will need to get a lot more to do that though.

The Lil Woodzeez are so hard to get a my Target and the other Target's around my area. I am just trying to get the owl family and this is what the display looks like whenever I go. Sadly you cannot order them online or check stock in the stores so calling or going in is what I've had to do. Fingers crossed I can snag a set one of these days soon. If not, I'll have to check eBay or Amazon.

 Swoon. A hot air balloon nursery? Sign me up! I'd most definitely incorporate owls as well.

 I know that there is a giraffe toy for kids to teeth on but these little cuties are new to me! Just passing by the baby section and they caught my.

I heart items shaped in the outline of the United States. 

These are fun to decorate a room or area with!

What are your favorite finds at Target lately?


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