A Little DIY Project - Part 1

It was a beautiful day to start my project. I went to Tony's cousins house in Magna since she has a yard and I do not. 

I posted a sneakpeak on my Instagram account a few days previous.

I really wanted to make my own magnetic chalkboard. One of my favorite little companies here in Utah, Chalk Couture, has the coolest magnets for these boards. So I thought I'd try to make my own board. Let's see how this goes!

I bought this frame at DI (thrift store). It was $10 and we got them to mark it down to $8. It always pays to ask! This frame seems like it used to hold a mirror.

I started by spray painting it with awesome teal spray paint from Home Depot. I love the shade that it turned out to be - my favorite color! I did 2 coats and will do 1 more. The can is a little less than half way gone.

Next, I painted the wood with a coat of magnetic paint by Rustoleum
This piece is the main piece that will go in my teal frame.

These pieces are extras that were left from the wood I bought. I am going to make smaller frames and sell or give them away as gifts. 

Unfortunately, after the first coat of magnetic paint dried and I tried to apply a second - this happened. I stirred it well, it was thicker this time and started not going on as smooth as the first coat even though the first coat seemed completely dry. 

Learn from my mistakes. Expensive'ish.

Wood: $15
Magnetic Paint: $20
Chalkboard Paint: $10
Teal Spray Paint: $3.50
2 Brushes: $1.39

Next I am going to try purchasing magnetic sheet metal , lightly sand it and paint it with the chalkboard paint. My worry is that it will scratch off but I am going to research it a bit. Stay tuned but it will be a few days because the metal shop I need to go to closes at 5pm and I won't be able to get there until later this week or next week.

What project are you working on right now?


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