Beef - It's What's For Dinner [Review]

It's no secret - I love eating meat! Hamburgers and steaks are my favorite as well as chicken. Recently I had the opportunity to try Jones Creek Beef here in Utah. They raise all their cows from birth to harvest so they can control what is being consumed, to ensure they only have access to open grazing, exercise, direct sunlight and fresh air. I eat a lot of processed food so it's really nice to take a break from that once in awhile and eat something healthier.

I made a few recipes from the meat that Jones Creek Beef gave me to review. I confess, Tony did the cooking and I did the pictures and the eating. We made good 'ol hamburgers, spicy rice skillet and foil dinners in the oven. 

Here's the Spicy Rice skillet. Does not look super appetizing and one time at my birthday party as a kid, I requested my mom make it for dinner and my friends were very hesitant to try it. But once they did they loved it and after that they would request their mom to make it for them!

Jones Creek Beef has more than just hamburger meat. They have steaks (Ribeye, New York steak, Filet Minion and Top Sirloin) and roast meat.  The Jones Creek Beef website has the best tips on how to cook whatever meat you purchase from them.

Here are the steps to the foil dinners that we made:

Step 1: Thaw meat to room temperature and break into pieces on a sheet or two of foil

Step 2: Add seasoning and whatever veggies tickle your fancy

 Step 3: Once you have all the veggies spread out on top of the meat, shake a bit more seasoning on

Step 4: Fold foil neatly over the vegetables and cook for 45 minutes or so at 375*. Our oven cooks hot so I think it was closer to 400*. I added some extra time because...

My husband insisted that we did not need a pan and then left to go meet up with someone and I heard a bit of sizzling so I opened the oven after awhile and the juice had magically leaked out of the foil on to the bottom of our oven. I remedied this by transferring both foil packets to a flat baking sheet.

 Step 5: Carefully open the foil and check to make sure meat is fully cooked, carrots and potatoes are soft, etc. I used a kabob stick for the poke test.

So ready to eat! Even though it was after 10pm I just had to have a few bites and I may or may not have eaten half the bowl instead of saving it for my lunch the next day. Whoops! It was just that good!

The best thing is that you can purchase Jones Creek Beef at Walmart. Score! 
Click here to find out where you can purchase it in a store near you.


marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

oh I always forget about foil packs I need to do that again!

Unknown said...

Looks delicious! I'll have to try their meat soon.

kaylynnczy said...

Haha I love that you specified, "Tony did the cooking and I did the eating!" Best. Line. Ever. :D

Meg SeeTheHappy said...

These look like a great meal to send with the boys for scout camps.

AdriansCrazyLife said...

We are all about beef here and I can never hear that tag line without Sam Elliott's deliciously gravelly voice! As a Scout leader I am all about the foil dinners too. Easy and tasty and the cleanup is so easy.

A GAL NEEDS... said...

Looks delicious! Cookie sheets are the best! I put anything I broil on a cookie sheet and I also have a small metal cookie rack I put on them as well so the heat circulates underneath! I don't want to be the one cleaning up the mess!! I just want to be the one eating--like you! Ha Ha!

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