Spring Pinterest Party

Spring theme Pinterest party happened...or...didn't exactly happen like they normally do. What went down? Keep reading to find out.

Pinterest party setup always starts like this. Some essentials like cups, plates, napkins and utensils, some treats, decor and of course, my banner!

Tony & I made this yummy salad of chicken, cucumber, tomatoes and avocado. Pretty delicious even though it didn't turn out quite like the pictures. Make the recipe yourself here

Slow Cooker Rocky Road Candy was super simple to make. Chocolate chips, chocolate, peanut butter and peanuts. Add marshmallows after an hour. I didnt use dark chocolate like the recipe said to but used chunks of almond bark instead.

 My husband can't stop eating them. They are pretty addicting and something I would definitely make again.

Now on to the crafts. Here's where it gets interesting...

First we had this craft, I spent weeks painting rocks I and my friend Wendy collected, in various shades of green. 

...to make string art! Inspired by this pin

Not perfect but not too bad either!

The last craft was to make wood Peep bunnies, inspired by this pin 

However, none of the crafts actually got made that night.


I am still sad even thinking about this....

I had a few friends I thought were coming but none of them showed up. I had 3 people who canceled on me the day of the event. I had others who didn't say a word to me. While I'm glad that some people let me know that they couldn't make it, it really stinks when you go to the effort of spending money on supplies, food, swag and I get excited about every single Pinterest party...all to have it fall flat on its face.


This has never ever happened before. 

I blame myself. I could have reminded people more. I could have checked with more people to see if a particular date would work for them ( I did take a FB poll in the Pinterest Parties Group but hardly anyone responded ) and I messaged each person I am friends with on FB who lives in this town a reminder. I still blame myself though. I should have made a FB event or Eventbrite to get commitments. Maybe I should have posted in the town FB yardsale pages. Maybe I can put a flyer up at Joanns. Maybe I should require a $5 deposit, no refunds. I am super hesitant to charge for these parties but maybe I will have to change that eventually. It's been on my mind the past few months of what I can do to make the parties even better and grow.

I appreciate all who have attended and supported my parties - without you - they couldn't happen!


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