Cactus & Succulents Pinterest Party [California]

This theme of cactus and succulents is one of my favorites that I have done and I was super stoked to finally have this party out in the high desert in California. Take a look and what we made and ate!

So...first off, I am the worst at trying to throw a party and trying to take pictures. So bummed about that. There will be very few pictures from this party and I need to do better or assign someone to get pictures for me. Sigh.

Anyways! I dipped honey wheat pretzels in white chocolate and also those green chocolate disks. Then I drizzled a lighter green chocolate over the top. Easy and fun. I should have added some toasted coconut but that plan fell through.

We made live and artificial succulent magnets. My neighbor brought the live and I had the artificial. I wish I had gotten a picture of all of them that we made I many picture fails last night. 

After this craft we took a break to eat. My friend Denise brought a veggie tray and strawberries. Tony made a pasta salad with penne noodles, cherry tomatoes cut in half, mozzarella cheese balls cut in half and chicken with Olive Garden Italian Dressing mixed in. Inspired from one my sister made when I was in Utah. We also had leftover S'mores pie from my birthday. Pinterest party fail because it wasn't homemade but it was very good.

The craft I was most excited about - inspired by Ritzy Parties at CHA in 
Phoenix in January.

Tiny gravel rocks from Michael's, various rocks my friend Wendy & I collected and I painted green. Paint pens from Joanns and tiny flower pots from Michaels. Teeny pom poms and felt to make flowers but we ended up using flowers from FloraCraft.  Hot glue gun and you are ready to go!

Pick what rocks will fit best in the flower pot you are using and draw cactus thorns on with the paint pens.

Everyone's turned out so unique! I love the variety of looks each pot took on.

The one on the left is the one I made in Phoenix and the one on the right is from last night. Also pictured are my fridge magnets. 

Swag was some cactus pins I ordered from Wish and some leftover swag from a previous Utah Pinterest party. I also had some packs of pens from the big scrapbook warehouse closing sale in Orem and then I finished the cactus earrings made with leather on my Cricut machine.

Such a fun party and I can't wait until the next one!


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