A Washer Under Your Washer?!

Disclosure: I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Have you seen or heard of the LG Appliances Twin Wash machine and sidekick? The "Twin" in the name means you get double the washer in one unit. How cool is that!? It's something I'll seriously consider getting when its time to upgrade our washer and dryer because I love the fact you can do a small load in the pull out drawer instead of having to put things in the main washer and doing a small load on top. Yanno? How would you use this in your house? I love the efficiency! 

Another Pinterest Party Update!

Sooo...you might be wondering what happened. While I think the 'wacky holidays' was a fun theme, I wasn't totally convinced / set / comfortable with it. After talking it over with a friend here we came up with doing this theme as the better idea. I'm excited to see how this turns out as I don't recall ever having done a St Patrick's day themed party before. Should be cool!

February 2018 California Pinterest Party Theme and Changes!

Every day of the year has some sort of 'wacky holiday' that various people celebrate. February is no exception - you can celebrate groundhogs, bubble gum, birds, ice cream, stuffed mushrooms, lame ducks, chopsticks, cards, kites, pizza, white t-shirts, friends, lost pennies, plum pudding, batteries and cherries just to name a few. You can see a complete list here

So, I thought with that being said, the February Pinterest party theme would be any of the wacky holidays in the month! Want to bring a food that you'd eat with chopsticks? Want to bring a pizza? Want to bring plum pudding or a cherry dessert? Go for it!

Since taking a poll in the West Coast Pinterest Parties group and a majority of voters were leaning towards only having to bring a food instead of a craft, I will give this a try. For the next few months I will provide 2-3 crafts and those attending can bring the food. I will try my hardest not to provide any food except drinks.  We'll see how this goes. After a few months we can evaluate. If you want to attend and are dying to bring a craft for up to 10 people, let me know and we can work that out - no problem.

Please email or leave a comment on this post if you have any questions. 

Date will be announced this week!

Creativation Pre-party!

Thursday evening before Creativation started, Cricut hosted a meetup event for bloggers and whoever wanted to come at a Mexican restaurant in downtown Phoenix. It was quite frustrating to find parking due to construction and the fact that they dont have any free parking so I had to pay a few dollars to park but I finally made it in to the restaurant which was very crowded in the back corner but I managed to sit next to my friend Rhonda who had flown to AZ from Michigan. 

Creativation - Day 1

Super excited to be able to come again for my 3rd year now! attending CHA / Creativation. It was a packed few days of friends, crafts, vendors, networking and did I say fun? FUN!

Valentine Pinterest Party - CA

Ahhh I've been anticipating this party for weeks and the day and time finally happened.Check out the cool stuff we made and ate!