Valentine Pinterest Party - CA

Ahhh I've been anticipating this party for weeks and the day and time finally happened.Check out the cool stuff we made and ate!

We did have a giveaway for a felt letterboard set from Target. Sometimes I do swag bags but this time I decided to do a raffle type giveaway and I think I *might* prefer this better. I'd love to do it again this way in the future just to switch things up a bit. 

Congrats to Maggi whose name was drawn!

We had some delicious strawberry cupcakes and these yummy heart shaped calzones with a marinara dipping sauce. *note* the sauce in the recipe linked does better as a dip.

Sugar cookie bars - they were super tasty! It was also good because I have been craving homemade sugar cookies this past week.

Heart shaped waffle bar - woot! It was quite the hunt to find the best waffle maker 
but I ended up ordering one from Bed Bath & Beyond but you can also find the same one I got on Amazon (affiliate link)

The toppings we had:

- variety of sprinkles
- a couple kinds of jam
- Syrup! Tony made a few different kinds...coconut, rootbeer, orange, raspberry, lemon...
- Nutella
- Whipped cream which I forgot to put out - again!
- Fresh cut strawberries
- Bananas

Wanda brought an ice cream cake (see top of plate). Exact link could not be found so I've linked you to a YouTube video that shows how to do it that Wanda sent me.

This is the set up to make super cute Valentine twig centerpieces. I think everyone's turned out so good! Unfortunately they did not get a photoshoot together but I did get a picture of the one my friend Maggi made..

These were fun because we had lots of options on how to fill/decorate the clear vases or mason jars as you can see in the pictures above...

Maggi also made these wonderful chocolate roses for everyone with 
Hershey Kisses and gifted the owl jar to me! Squeee!

Sarah brought this personalized Valentine candle craft which turned out fairly well but afterwards we realized we needed to use tissue paper to help make the transfer go on cleaner. Will give this a try again because it was easy and fun to do! 

Holly brought a DIY Mini Heart PiƱata for everyone to put together. 

We took a bit of time to cut the tissue paper but it was great to chat and work on this with everyone. We glued each strip, starting at the bottom of the heart first. Cut a plain piece of paper out to put on the back and write a love note to a friend, child, spouse, etc. Wish I had gotten a picture of everyone's together. But since I didn't, you get to see a picture of how mine turned out. I am definitely wanting to make more of these!

 I had a couple crafts that we skipped because we ran out of time. 
But...there's always next time! 


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