Paint Night with Plaid Crafts!


  I did a paint night one time in Utah - it was stressful and I thought - never again! But I see people post about paint nights and they paint the coolest stuff! Then I found out that Plaid hosts paints nights that you can participate in from your home. I thought, maybe I should give this a try again. So...

Plaid sent me all the supplies I needed and even though I missed the actual paint night, the video is saved on their Facebook page so you can find it in case you decide to do it later on.

Step by step...before and afters. This part was fairly easy, paint some of the board this pretty peach color and do some light brushes of white over the top.

I was very nervous about getting my proportions right.

Well, the llama ended up a bit fatter around the middle than I thought but maybe it's a food baby?! Haha. The shading was a little tricky but the brushes Plaid sent me worked very well.

The finished finished product is in the very first photo of this post because it has the new Mod Podge glitter over the whiteness of the llama to add some glam. Looks so cool in the light! Overall I am impressed with how mine turned out.

RSVP to the next paint night today plus get a discount on your supplies!

FTC Disclaimer: I received these products to use as a Plaid Crafts Ambassador. 


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