Small But Simple Craft Projects

I am FINALLY back in the swing of crafting again it feels like. February was soo much traveling, lots of cleaning and trying to downsize stuff (I am not very fast at this part so it takes me weeks and weeks...) that the way my days went it left very little time for crafting and I missed it so badly! But now that it's March, it's like flipping a switch.

My friend Denise asked me to put together this sign for her and I was able to do it in a couple days. Day 1 was getting the details, typing up what she wanted it to say, and picking the fonts. Day 2 was getting the poster board, cutting the letters on my Cricut machine and then attaching the letters to the board in a straight of lines as I could get. That part was so stressful but it felt so great to get it done and I think it turned out fairly well.

The boys are soo cute!

Next..I had to get some simple things done but I kept putting them off or not thinking about it. So..I needed a sign for the trash can in my she-shed. It's not for food trash! Recycle only and I think I missed saying it a time or two at a Pinterest party. Now I dont have to say it. Hopefully people will just notice the recycle logo.

My friend Wendy came over a couple days ago, it feels like its been so long since we have crafted together and this is a craft I found for the Pinterest party but omitted it because we had so many other crafts. I think they turned out so cute and fun! I am embellishing mine a bit and will do another post on just this project before St Patrick's Day.

I have always wanted to make a fun sign like this and I finally made it happen because we had a lady coming to stay with us for 4 days. I started a information binder and a guestbook , neither of which are finished yet but when they are I will post pictures. I think I want to spray paint the frame a color and add some vinyl decals along the edges in a design. But for now, since she arrived Wed night, I'll keep it like this.

If you are still reading, let me know what crafts you are working on and link me to a picture!


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