St Patrick's Theme Pinterest Party!

Beautiful but chilly evening for a Pinterest party. The time of the party was moved from 7pm to 6pm and I think we will keep it that way for the next bit. I had a heater going a majority of the day out in the she-shed to make sure we were not chilly when crafting, since it is cement floors and all. Keep reading to see what we made and ate!

This was the set up before anyone came and brought food. People seemed to lean towards bringing food vs. a craft when I did a Facebook poll but I could not stop myself from buying some gold coins and limited edition mint Hostess cupcakes.

Here's what we ate!

We had delicious (to me that means enough marshmallow and soft!) rice krispy treats
So yum!

Marshmallow-jello-coconut salad. This stuff was GOOD. I got some extra on my plate to eat the next day and now I'm sad its gone. It is a family recipe so not on Pinterest but you can probably find one similar. 

Deviled eggs. Always a good idea to have some savory to balance out the sweet. Make these like regular deviled eggs and tint the inside filling with green food coloring. 

Clover cookies! Not from Pinterest but a fitting shape for the theme for sure.

Here's what we made!

Penny jewelry inspiration which looked cooler on Pinterest than what ours actually turned out to look like but I think I will research more and buy some more tools and try this craft again in a few months.

Tap tap tap. Lots of hammering going on.

Sadly the horseshoe stamp I got just was not working well at all. So 
we stuck to letters and numbers.

Next, mini canvas painting!

I used my Cricut machine to cut out different colors of four leaf clovers and I love the ombre look on this one!

We also made fun clothespins which is a craft Annette brought. I'm not sure there is an exact pin she saw for inspiration on this but we had fun making these and could have spent the whole night painting and decorating.

We could have spent all evening working on just this one craft. She brought all kinds of add ons and people got pretty creative as you can see.

Sand art inspiration here and I think they turned out so cool! 

Then we made tiny little jars of fools gold. This is just something I came up with. You can set them on a shelf or wear them as a necklace or hang it in a window! I'll do more details on this craft in a later post. 

Stay tuned for an announcement for the next Pinterest party happening in a few weeks!


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