California Pinterest Party 2.0

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Couldn't resist having a second Christmas themed Pinterest party and there was interest even though not many people actually ended up coming. But! We had a few people including one new person which is always awesome! 
Keep reading to see what we ate and made.

Some of the decorations...

The setup. Waiting for everyone to arrive!

Christmas punch recipe that Tony found. It was SO good!

We also made sugar cookies and had sprinkles, decorating gel (thank you Wendy!), cinnamon dots and Sixlets to decorate with. 4 different colors of frosting as well. 


Helen came for the first time ever and brought this super delicious mint chocolate popcorn.

Wendy brought chips and guac which sadly I did not get a picture of but it was great to have some savory to balance out the sweet.

On to the crafts!

Button wreaths. Helen was the only one who had time to make one (the other beading crafts took quite a bit of time, longer than expected) and I think her wreath turned out so dang cute!! I can't wait to make one myself.

Helen also made this button tree that we had as a craft last month. She glued her buttons together and strung the corn just through the star. Smart!

We turned these cubes of memory foam into...

Actually, Wendy was the only one who was able to make one. The rest of us got caught up doing the other crafts. I can't wait to make my Christmas squishy soon though.

Got these wire snowflakes made by Darice from Craft Warehouse. The idea is to put beads on the wires to make a pretty snowflake. went alright to start but, when we tried to bend the end of each section, they tended to break! The snowflakes feel so sturdy, the wire was pretty hard to bend even with the tools and I'm not sure what we were doing wrong. Really disappointing because the finished look was great but we just couldn't get it there.

Moving forward: 

- don't use seed beads. It's possible but so many don't fit on and it's time-consuming to try bead after bead just to get ones that will slide on the wire

- put a dot of glue from a glue gun at the tip of each section of snowflake instead of trying to bend the wire with pliers. 

I'm not sure why this photo didn't sharpen correctly but! This is the snowflake Maggi made with seed beads. I really like the colors she used. Attach some fishing wire and hang from a window or hang on the tree.

The 'extra' craft is a very simple one and it's one I used to pull out in Utah when I needed an extra craft. I got the supplies from Hobby Lobby and Amy and Helen both put these magnets together. They turned out awesome!

** The hot glue did not like to stick to the bottle caps so we used Glue Dots instead and they worked quite well. Yay! **

I bought this kit from Hobby Lobby because it was so cute and there are 6 ornaments to make - plenty for a Pinterest party. Helen finished hers, LOVE it!! Mine is almost done and I will probably finish the rest and give them out as gifts. 

Thanks soo much to those who were able to come, even if just for a little while. Thanks for those who were able to bring some food to contribute. Fun times and we'll be back with more party goodness in 2019!


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