Creativation - Day 1!

Walking through the buildings to get into the show floor and saw this huge mirror - pretty cool. It says "Art is a guarantee of sanity." I guess I'm pretty sane then since I do a lot of artsy stuff? Perhaps?

Love that Diamond Dots has these bracelets you can wear after making them! So pretty and quite a few designs available. You can't really see it very well in this picture but I have done their small cactus one with my friend Wendy and it was really fun to put together!

Loving this paint storage at the Plaid Crafts booth. So colorful and organized.

It was soo wonderful to be back at Creativation! I might call it CHA in my posts though, it's the same thing. I attend another conference called Craftcation and so I tend to mix up both these long c-words!

A view of some of the show floor. It's quite big with many vendors set up in booths big and small.

My craft and my friend Marie's craft. This was a fun make and take.

Not available in the US yet but hopefully sometime soon! Anyone in England reading this who has a hookup? Hehe.

When we made a card (you can kind of see part of my card in the picture above) we stamped with this embossing pad and shook on very fine glitter then used a heat gun to make the design all embossed. So fancy to do but fun to learn!

These jars were at a make and take we sat down to do but we didn't make the jars. We actually made cards. Mine turned out okay but I dont think I took a picture of it. Hmm.

I think I really want to get in to doing this. Another craft item to collect!

This fun tool was intriguing! If I had kids I might just get it for them, depending on the age of course, but nothing is sharp which I was impressed by.

The LDRS booth caught my eye because they had so many cute projects and ideas!

It got me excited again about paper-crafts. I think we need to do some of these projects at future Pinterest parties!

A card that pops open on the inside. Too fun!

I thought this share was so pretty at this booth!

Yarn creations on the left and yarn creations on the rig...oh wait. It looks like yarn but this is actually fondant on a cake. Say what!? It was so big, so much detail and really pretty amazing.

I tried to capture a lot of day 1 on Snapchat which meant videos but videos don't upload so well to the blog so unless I do a compilation and upload to YouTube, you might not see those parts. But this gives you kind of an idea hopefully at what kinds of things are at this trade-show. Anything and everything crafty. From cake supplies to yarn...stay tuned for more!


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