California Valentine Themed Pinterest Party!

Valentine's food and crafts are so fun to eat and make. I'm glad I got to do this party twice - once in Utah and again in California last night! Keep reading to see what we ate and made...

The drink was found here, Virgin Pomegranate and Cranberry Bellinis


Heart shaped carrots, so easy to snack on but a little tedious to make

Caprese Salad with heart shaped pasta from Cost Plus World Market
Fancy chocolate chip cookie shaped like a heart!

Teddy Grahams with vanilla and chocolate pudding dip. The vanilla had orange essential oil added in and the chocolate had peppermint added in for a fun twist.

The olives were one of the sides people could pick from

Buffalo chicken dip with lettuce leafs to do wraps with. Super delicious.

Cute little decorated brownie bites and dipped pretzels!

On to the crafts!

Set up for this fun craft I acquired at Creativation in Phoenix last month. So glad I bought 10 because we used every single one up!

Hands busy painting. Thank you Plaid Crafts for providing many of the paints!

It's so fun to see how different the crafts turn out, no matter what we make.

We started with Styrofoam hearts. Easy (but not easy) to find in Utah but it took 4 tries of going to various Dollar Trees to even find these! I got the small white one as a test one from Hobby Lobby and the big white one because I needed one more and I couldn't find any in Ridgecrest at the Dollar Tree here so I ended up Joann's with a 60% off coupon (Thank you T-Mobile).

Because so many people were coming I pushed 2 tables together for 1 craft and 2 tables together for the other craft. Worked out nicely, we all fit around the table, maybe a tiny squished but doable. I think in the future I need to stay strict about capping it at 8 guests.

Love how different these wreaths turned out! Pretty fun. Do not stab the fabric in too hard because it can break off pieces of the foam. Especially around the points.

Helen brought her alcohol inks and blank tiles for people to play with. Some people had to go home at this point, the first couple crafts + eating took awhile. If you are reading this post and are one of the people who left early, don't be too sad. We will be doing this craft again for sure!

They all turn out so different and unique. Really fun to play around with!

Thank you to all who were able to join us and have some fun doing the crafts and eating yummy food!

See you in March, keep an eye on the Facebook group for a poll to vote on the date!


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