Creativation - Day 2!

Sunday - day 2 of this craft trade show and there was more fun to be had. So much more we had not even seen yet. Time to get rolling (after that great Plaid Breakfast VIP experience of course).

This booth caught my eye, everything was so fun and right up my alley of interests (design and color wise). 

So many hot air balloons everywhere. And... an owl!

Deflecto (their website is not the best) has an awesome craft store and is a growing and expanding company. Keeping an eye on them! You can also find their products at Michael's. Not sure where else though.

I look like a total chump here - hate my face but!!! Finally got to meet one of my craft idols - Amber! - aka Damask Love. My friend Marie saw her the first day but I wasn't around. Then this day, I was doing a craft and Marie happened to see her and said go go go! so off I scurried, following in her steps until I got brave enough to speak up and stop her. It was SO neat to meet her in real life. She is mega talented, very kind and friendly and personable. Turns out she went to Woodland as a kid to visit her grandma until she was about 10 years old. Say what?! Usually, no one ever knows of my hometown of Woodland, CA.  I asked her about the Glowforge machine for a friend in Arizona who is interested in getting one and she was helpful with that. Ahh. I wish I had had more time to talk to her but I was just shocked to be talking to her at all. Hip hop hooray!

Listened to a class. Never done this before at Creativation but it was good.

Got to see one of my favorite brands, CutterPillar!

The Aladine booth had a fun cactus scene

Gotta love the make and takes. The metal ring on the right was a really awesome tool to open jump rings instead of needing two pairs of needle nose pliers, etc. 

I need to acquire some of this glitter paint. Oh wow. It was so fun to use with stencils to spice up plain canvas bags. 

This is the bag Marie made. Then somehow lost. And then magically her daughter Ashley and I were able to track it down. Hooray! Because it had turned out so cool looking!

Some great products to use. If you ever see them I recommend you purchase.
I got a sample of the stain remover but have not tried it yet.
The Glue Dots I have and use and love.

Rare to spy hot air balloon decorations but here they are!

Some really fun craft ideas, love the owl to color on the left

Siser is a good vinyl brand. I don't use it because it's always the most expensive one at the craft stores it seems but they have quality product!

Darice is a well know big craft brand and they had a fun booth to walk around in. Lots to see.

Seeing the little-crocheted animals in the display on the right made me wish I knew how to make them.

This company was at the Mixed Media event in July. Love the products they have!

See, how fun!

Wood stains!

Marbling paint to makes for a fun project.

That wall hanging was made out of yarn - very pretty and amazing!

And how about that cake on the right? So amazing as well!

Ashley, David and I before David took off to the airport.
It was fun that they were able to come to Creativation. David's second time and Ashley's first time.

Awards but it took an hour or maybe longer. It was interesting at first but then got super long and boring and I think quite a few people there were just wanting to know if they won the raffle. They didn't even announce the numbers over the mic, we had to go find our names on a board. Grr. Not a fan of the way this went down but next year I'll know better if they do it this way again.

One more day left!


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