Easy String Art


 Melissa brought this craft - string art! to the April Pinterest party.

Here is the step by steps on what we did. ((This post contains affiliate links))

Materials needed:

1.  Blank piece of wood from a long board that she had cut in to smaller pieces and then stained.

2. Print out a flower shape and cut around it. Tape to the back of the piece of wood.

3. Use a pen to mark dots of where you want your nails.

4. Now it's time to start hammering the nails. This took awhile and a few fingers got bumped in the process. Still, so good to have the nails in and ready to start wrapping the string or embroidery floss around.  Tip, we put a towel down on the table to minimize noise and damage to the table.

5. I forgot to take my paper flower off the board before starting with the string so I had to rip it out in small pieces. Still doable but I wish I had remembered before I started wrapping. You can make a pattern as you wrap if you'd like but whatever you do, hold the string tight so it doesnt slip.

Ta-Da! The finished product. After you wrap the string around the nails multiple times (whatever you think looks good to your eyes) then you end by tying a knot or two around one of the nails so it doesn't slip off or get loose. You can use clear nail polish if you want, to paint down the string so it doesn't stick out. Then, it's ready to display or gift, whichever you choose.

Let me know if you think you might make this sometime or if you have any questions!


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