Sculpey Clay Party with Tryazon!

I was super stoked to get an email from Tryazon that I had been selected to host one of their parties. I've tried for a few years, gave up for a bit, then tried again. I am a huge fan of Sculpey clay - I used to use it a ton when I was a teenager so I was so excited to try these products out with some friends!

You start by rolling a ball of clay out and there are these designs that you soak in water and slide off on to the clay. It worked for us to just use the circle cutters right on top of the clay and the design but they suggest you trace the circle on your paper and then slide that circle on to the clay.

It was cool to see what designs everyone came up with. Some we took from the booklet of ideas and others we just made up.

Here's the process of cutting the circle out beforehand and then sliding it on to the clay.
There were a few cool designs to pick from - all so good!

Ready to go into the toaster oven!
Definitely keep an eye on things if you use the toaster oven as the time to bake ended up being shorter than suggested.

A few of the finished bracelets. Love the colors!

We also had Hawaiian Haystacks as a fun meal while we made our bracelets.
Have you ever used Sculpey clay before?


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