Halloween / Fall Themed Pinterest Party!

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I am super excited to share a Pinterest party I was able to host this month - the first one since February! It's been a long break, one I was a little happy to have, I'll admit, but also very sad that it lasted this long. No more breaks! I am going to do Pinterest parties at least once a month again. Here in CA or Utah or maybe a new state! Keep reading to see what we ate and made at this party.

Our board for inspiration can be found here.

The Food We Ate...

I saw this recipe circulating online and I knew it was what I wanted to make for the party as one of the foods. I was able to find the pan at Target but you can also get it at Michael's, Joann's or Amazon. I will be doing a separate blog post about how we made these or you can click the recipe link and we followed those steps, mostly.

                            Fun hot dog wraps that look like mummies. Easy to make and serve!

Edible ear wax - ew? Or yum?

Baked Chocolate Caramel Apples.
Do you see the hidden Mickey?

Sherbert Punch was the drink of the night and it turned out so great. 

There was not much left by the end of the party!


The Crafts We Made... 


Inspiration above for the craft we ended up doing below. I actually saw this in my Facebook News Feed but I always say, if it's somehow not on Pinterest, I'll get it on there. So this craft will have a separate post tutorial that will be pinned in a bit.

We used Gallery Glass paint from Plaid Crafts to decorate these Halloween bats. They turned out so cool looking. People got really creative with the paint! I am not sure that they would peel so well off the plastic that we used but I just cut out around mine and punched holes in the wings to hang up for decor. However, with the bats I made, I am using them for a bit of a different project so stay tuned for that!

Yarn pumpkins seem to be a hot item right now and I was anxious to have everyone make these. I found the yarn at Joann's and it is so so soft! These were fun to put together and I think everyone did a great job. For some reason I can't find the same yarn on Amazon but it is Bernat Velvet Plus. We covered foam pumpkins from The Dollar Tree with low temp hot glue guns.


Final craft were these 3D wire pumpkins, below. 
I am going to do a separate tutorial on how I came up with this and the inspiration behind it.


**Photo Credit: Isabelle B.**

The wire pumpkins were from the Dollar Tree. Fabric ended up being $2 for 2 yards at Walmart! Added accessories like pipe cleaner, leaves, etc were items I've collected over time that were in my fall/Halloween tub.

We had 2 new people come to this month's party (I limited it to 5 ladies) and Isabelle took her pumpkin home and kept adding to it. I love the look of the added lights and accessories. It turned out so neat looking and now I want to add lights to mine!

Huge huge thanks to everyone who was able to come. Who took a risk with the virus but I hope everyone felt safe and sanitized and I am thrilled to have people over to come craft again.

                     Stay tuned to the Facebook group for details on the next party!


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