First Ever - Virtual Pinterest Party 2020


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While I was in Idaho for Thanksgiving, I made the decision to jump to doing Pinterest parties virtually starting in December instead of January due to covid. Parties are soo much more fun (imo) in real life but I didn't want to completely stop doing them (like unfortunately happened over the summer) so the only other option there is right now is to try and do them virtually. This proves tricky in a lot of ways and I was nervous to start up this way of doing things but it worked out pretty decent. Keep reading to see what we made and ate.

First, I used Facebook's Messenger Room per the suggestion of my friend who comes to the California parties. There's no time limit like there is on Zoom so even though I'd never used it, that's what we did and it worked out fairly well.

What we made:

This craft was going to take the longest so we started this one first. I painted the pans black with paint from Plaid Crafts to start so that we wouldn't have to wait for them to try. Everyone picked what calendar page they wanted before the party and I gave everyone assorted ribbon along with other embellishments that I'd collected during Black Friday at Michael's or already had in my stash. I think these turned out excellent.

The gnome ornaments were inspiration from Pinners Conference in AZ but you can find similar on Pinterest such as here and here. I basically took a piece of thick cardboard for the triangle hat. Covered it with felt, added a ribbon and then the gnome beard material came from Joann's. We hot glued it on the back so the pretty side would hang down like a beard. Added a wooden bead for a nose and a piece of ribbon to hang it on the tree and bam - done. 

Wood slice ornaments. These can be found all over Pinterest with a variety of designs and ideas. I pre-hammered the nails in the wood slices and drilled the holes for the ribbon so they could be hung. I gave an appropriate amount of embroidery floss. These didn't take long to make at all.

What we ate:

Oreo Balls Recipe 
Recipe found here

Loaded Baked Potato Rounds
Recipe found here

Another person made fudge and may send me the pin that inspired it sometime. So watch for that to be updated here.

And as for the food I made, sadly, it just didn't happen. Trying to prep all the crafts (even just for 4 people) was A LOT, then getting them delivered ...I should have sent Tony the recipe I wanted to make sooner than the day of the party. Eek.

Here's what I had planned on having,

Will have to save it for another time!

Overall the virtual party went well. The thing I missed the most maybe was trying everyone's delicious foods. Will have to figure out a way to share those in the future somehow.

Thanks for tuning in and let me know which craft you liked the best!

Stay tuned for another party in January which will be virtual as well. If you are interested in participating (you'll have to gather the craft supplies yourself), let me know and I can send the supply list over to you. This doesn't apply if you live in the location of the party. If you live in Ridgecrest, CA or Salt Lake City, UT, I can get the supplies to you.


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