Garden Pinterest Party!


  This was the first Pinterest party for Utah for the year! Only two months in, not too shabby, eh? This month's theme was Garden Party! Which is a * brand-new* theme and one that I got pretty excited about.

We pulled ideas from the board above and I was able to deliver the craft kits to everyone while I was in Utah. The party happened from my she-shed here in CA a few days after I got home.

Keep reading to see what we made and what was eaten!

The Crafts!

I used one table for everything and had limited space. 3 crafts, snacks, drinks, my pardon my clutter. The craft you see above is for the gazing balls that I found on Pinterest. Super fun and easy crafty to do!

I mixed Mod Podge with food coloring colors and poured layers inside of a clear ornament. 

Swirl the colors around on the inside and then tip upside down to let the colors drain out.

You'll end up with this! Really pretty ornaments for your garden to gaze at. Very cool huh!

Supplies needed for crepe paper flowers!

Crepe paper, I was able to find some nice colors at the Dollar Tree.
Got green tape at Walmart as well as flower stems. 
Used Glue Dots to help hold the crepe paper together. 

It took a lot of watching tutorials (and videos) to figure these out but they ended up turning out pretty cute in the end! Phew and yay!

Bird seed ornaments were also in the mix of garden crafts. I gave everyone the ingredients slightly pre-measured out. Bird seed, Karo Syrup and Gelatin. Grab some cookie cutters and put the mixture in. Follow the link for the actual gritty details but really, overall, it was pretty easy to make. Some of mine did fall apart but overall this recipe worked out pretty well. 
*Tip* I did drain off some of the water that I felt was extra.*

The food!

I'm really lacking photos for this section and I apologize for that. I may be able to add them at a later date.

Chicken Ramen
Tony modified this a bit but it was super tasty! And sadly I never got a picture.

So that's a wrap! Food and crafts from Pinterest done virtually for the third month in a row now? I imagine March's party will also be virtual but still having hope to host these in real life again soon.


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