Valentine's / Self-Care / Self - Love Pinterest Party!


The theme for January's Pinterest party was Valentine's (of course!) + self-care and self-love. The board I made up of ideas and inspiration is linked here. I feel like things came full circle this month when I made the decision to switch the party to virtual - that's what I was doing a year ago! Craziness. A couple of the crafters who had RSVP'd were not feeling up to par so it seemed best to do things this way.

Keep reading to see what we made and what we ate!

I really like using Facebook Rooms but since I didn't originally create the event on Facebook as a virtual event, it took me a moment to figure out how to invite everyone to the room when the party started. I didn't want just anyone being able to tune in. Luckily I figured it out pretty quick and we got going.

And because the party was virtual, I needed to package everything up and deliver it ahead of time. It took about 20 minutes to do that and I made it back home with about 10 minutes to spare.

First up, we made these Worry Pet Sensory Buddies.  The blue one I made first did not have the right eyes. I thought the button sunglasses would work but the look just makes me laugh. I ended up hand stitching that one and then with the yellow one I tried hot glue. That did not go so well so I included a needle and thread for everyone and we hand-stitched or sewed the ones that night (minus 1 crafter who got fancy and used her sewing machine. Hehe)

Individual eyes looking so much better. I found those at Walmart but Joanns had some good ones too that I divvied up between the 3 crafters who attended.


Next up was this fun Beaded Wind Chime minus the chime. I didn't get bells, all I had were jingle bells but it worked out great and the decoration is so pretty for indoors or out. I used sticks from my yard, had Tony drill the holes, went through my beads, and gave everyone 70 of each color. That was a lot of counting! I did buy a box of beads at Joann Fabrics but for the most part, I was able to use what I had on hand in the she shed. Score!


I've been dying to do a craft with my collected Jenga style wood blocks from the Dollar Tree. I saw this cute craft idea on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect for the party.  I also saw some similar designs in Dollar Tree groups I am in on Facebook. This took 28 blocks but I accidentally counted out 24 (I was up pretty late one night prepping this craft) but one crafter had extras on hand and the other figured out how to do her heart and still made it work. I had so much fun making these that I ended up making 3 in different sizes. Check my Instagram for the pic of how that turned out. 

The food we ate!

I included these treats as well as a drink, in my delivery to each friend who had RSVP'd for the party.

These were Valentine Pink Kiss Cookies and we used a confetti cake mix. They turned out pretty good-looking and didn't taste too bad.

These Easy Valentine's Day Patties were quite fun to make. Tony did all the work but I helped to decide what flavors to make them. Ended up with lemon and raspberry. We tried to do the pressed fork into the dough (see pic on the left) but that didn't work so well. When the hearts were cut, trying to lift them up off the mat just wasn't happening. So we scrapped that plan and didn't do the pressed fork design.

So, that's a wrap! A lot less food when it's a virtual Pinterest party. One attendee did actually make cookies (the same ones I made, so funny!) and one had a layered Jello recipe she wanted to do but wasn't able to make it in time and the other girl just didn't have time to put anything together. Stuff happens, I understand. I look forward to doing another party next month. Looks like it will be in a different state so stay tuned for a recap of how that Pinterest party goes!


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